This is not a complaining post. This is a “figuring out what I’m doing wrong and fixing it” post. Because remember … I’m trying not to complain.

This is the longest I’ve ever trained for a race. 

Most half marathon training plans are 12 weeks long. I am currently on week 14 of my marathon training. Things started getting really sucky for me around week 13. Normally by week 13, I’ve run my race and am basking in all it’s glory. Even though I am still racing during this training plan (I’ll be at the Chicago Half on Sunday), I’m not racing these races anymore. Ultra Vera said I shouldn’t, and she knows what she’s talking about. But I don’t think I have the energy to race these if I wanted to.

So I’m getting impatient, my body isn’t used to working this hard for this long (at least, not without a payoff like a great race day), and the races I am doing aren’t really “races” for me … just another long run.

Applefest Half Marathon
Weeee!! Applefest Half with Vera last fall. Those arms in the air are mine. Racing will be fun again soon.


I’m not eating enough. 

This is probably the main reasons I’m struggling. I suspected about a week or so ago that I wasn’t fueling properly, and I meant to start tracking my food in MyFitnessPal, and forgot. I’ve never run this level of mileage before, so I’m not used to fueling it. And now, for some reason, I think my tongue is swollen (no idea why) and I have a canker sore or two. So eating is kind of painful. I’ve been eating “soft” food (soup, cream of wheat, yogurt), but guess what … I haven’t been eating enough for the amount I’ve been running, at least, not in the past two days that I tracked my food, and probably not before that. No wonder I’ve been dragging. I need 2,100-2,500 calories/day to support my weekday runs. (And 3,000 calories or more on long run days.)

Surprise! Not enough fuel = running out of gas. Maybe I should drink more beer.

Or maybe I need more burrito bowls!


I’m tired of this weather. 

This may or may not be a legitimate reason why running sucks for me right now, but it sounds good. I know it’s summer, but I feel like it’s been pretty consistently hot since March June. It’s September now. I think we’ve had our fill of summer. Some cooler days would be much appreciated.

Midwinter Cruise 5K
Soon we will be dealing with a different headache … winter running.