Training, August 27 – September 2

Monday: 5mi in 51 min, 10:16 pace, avg HR = 147

Tuesday: was planning to run, went to the Cubs game instead

Wednesday: 5mi in 48 min, 9:31 pace. Marathon effort for the middle miles, overall pace of those was around 9:03 and avg HR = 156.

Thursday: 5mi in 50 min, 10:01 pace. Ran with the F’N Runners! Haven’t run with them in a while 🙂

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 19mi in 3:32. Ran 18mi with the group, got in the last mile by walking around before/after the run. For the 18mi, avg pace = 10:39, avg HR = 148. The temps weren’t too bad, but it was HUMID. Even our CARA Site Leader said he was struggling at the end. Good to know that even veteran marathoners have tough runs sometimes!

Sunday: Rest. After running 19 on Saturday morning, I (took a nap and) went to a bachelorette party that evening. Sunday was my cousin’s son’s 2nd birthday party, so no time or energy (or desire) for strength work.

Total miles: 34
Total time: 6hr 0min


Thursday night’s group; the bachelorette


  • Running has been tough lately, but it sounds like a lot of people struggle through the peak weeks of marathon training, which we are in right now. Running definitely feels like a chore. My alarm goes off on Saturday morning and I think “why?” (Plus maybe a choice four-letter word.) I had zero motivation before my run on Saturday. But once we got going, it wasn’t so bad. It helped that it was overcast, although it was also very humid.
  • After last week’s stomach issues, I was a little nervous about my long run. I made sure dinner the night before was something I’ve tried successfully many times (chicken fajitas, skipping cheese and sour cream), and I used a fuel that’s worked for me during long runs (Clif Shot Bloks – margarita flavor), and my stomach was fine. Also, our water stops had volunteers with actual food, including pretzels, which I ate (and worked well for my stomach). So I’m starting to tell anyone who is spectating the marathon to bring pretzels. They are too bulky to carry myself (at least enough to get me through 26 miles) but I loved them during my long run.
  • I chafed in not one but THREE new places on Saturday. One was the from the band of my sports bra (in the front, I think one of my other runner friends has mentioned chaffing there all the time), another was my lower back, I think my SPIband crept above my shorts or something, and the third spot is … unmentionable. I also got a small blister on one of my toes, luckily it hasn’t caused any issues. Marathon training is about so much more than just training your body to run a certain number of miles. It’s also about learning all the fun ways your body handles those miles. Stomach issues, chafing … what else?
  • This week was a strength work fail. Oh well, I got in all of my running, so I’ll consider it a success.
  • 33 days to the marathon …
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2 Comments on “Training, August 27 – September 2”

  1. I can totally relate to your lack of motivation before heading out on your long run. I felt just like that yesterday before mine. But, after getting that done, I have only one more long run left between now and the marathon. Yay!

    1. I keep thinking about only having one more “long” run. On the one hand … phew, only one more. On the other … that mean’s I’m pretty well trained. But do I feel that way? I think I do … I mean, I can get through 19 miles and I’m not sore the next day. So that’s a good sign.

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