Training, August 20-26

Oh hey there. What day is it? Wednesday? I usually try to do these posts Sunday or Monday, so … yeah. Where does the time go? Anyway, if you care, last week was awesome. Except it wasn’t.

Monday: 5mi in 49 minutes, 9:49 pace, avg HR = 145. And 3×12 push-ups and abs, 3×1:00 Planks, 2×1:00 wall-sits. Well, the week started well.

Tuesday: 8mi in 1:14, 9:14 pace. Middle miles were are marathon effort (avg HR = 155), which was 9:01 pace. I felt really sluggish before and at the start of this run. My thought is I’m not getting enough of some kind of food (carbs? protein? iron?) So my remedy has been to eat more. Good plan, huh? I figure if I eat more of everything, I’ll get enough of whatever I was missing.

Wednesday: CONGESTION CITY. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever been so congested in my life.

Thursday: Stayed home from work. Tried to drag myself out for a run later in the day. (Damn you, training schedule.) Decided pretty quickly the 5 miles on the schedule wasn’t going to happen. Ended up doing 2.1 in 25 minutes, 11:44 pace, avg HR = 136.

Friday: Went to dinner to celebrate my birthday and made bad food choices.

Saturday: 12 miles in 2:10, 10:52 pace, avg HR = 143. Goal was 13 miles. Realized the error of the previous night’s choices. Went to the beach later in the day though.

Sunday: Hey, I have a gym membership. I actually went! Did about 40 minutes of arms, core, quads and foam roller before I had to get on with my day. Also I weighed myself at the gym before working out and not only have I finally got my weight back down to what it says on my drivers license (so … my weight when I was 21 probably), but I now weigh LESS. Never thought I would see a number that starts with 13_ on the scale. MEANING, at 30 years old, I am as hot or hotter than the almost 21-year-old my husband started dating in 2004. (Well, he would disagree, he likes a little junk in the trunk, so … hey, whatever, I’m probably healthier than I’ve been since the days when I played soccer 5x week in high school.)

Total miles: 27 (goal was 31 for the week)
Total time: 5hr 33min

beach beach

beach beach

Beach with my bro, sis-in-law and niece. 



  • This was the first week where I didn’t get in all the miles accordingly to plan. I still got in the planned number of runs, and my mileage was pretty close, and I made it to week 11 without coming in under the weekly mileage, so I’m not sweating it.
  • I am however starting to dread running. Or, not look forward to it as much. I don’t know if it’s the fact that when you follow a plan, there is less spontaneity and it feels like a chore, or because I spend 4 hours/day commuting, so if I run after work, I don’t have time to do much of anything else (including drive to/from a group run, meaning I haven’t been going to many group runs), and that is what is actually wearing me down (the lack of time, and the lack of camaraderie from group runs).
  • My new goal is to do some kind of strength work 5 days/week (the days that I don’t have a long run or speed/race pace run), even if it’s just push-ups and core exercises at home. On the days that I don’t do any running, my goal is to make it to the gym for the strength work (either a class or my own thing). My gym recently started offering TRX group classes, but it’s like $160 for 8 sessions. So … not happening any time soon. Anyway, I clearly need to work on this goal.
  • 38 days until the Chicago Marathon. Also … I might not be running it with my husband. We might run it separately at our own pace. We have very different approaches to training, I have been a lot more dedicated to running lately (he starts and stops based on if he is registered for a race; I’ve been running 20+ miles/week for the past year), and we will probably have very different paces. And I’m curious how much all of my hard work will pay off on race day. So, I think we’ll each start in our own corrals at our own pace and meet up at the end. He is OK with that. He usually runs alone anyway, so I don’t think it will derail him.
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7 Comments on “Training, August 20-26”

  1. I was going to ask about marathon pace and running with your husband! I ran my first half with my husband (we followed the same plan), then the following year we both signed up and he did not train that much and I was frustrated.

    I hope you feel better this week! I had a nasty cold a few weeks ago and feel like I am still getting over it!

  2. 1) You are doing really great, stay positive!
    2) Please send me some foam rolling tips!
    3) My entire July/August has been one big, bad food choice and I’m paying for it with more than a few extra lbs. 🙁
    4) I think you might be better off running solo. Husbands and wives are different on so many levels and your attempst at “encouragement”, may be misconstrued. I think my hubby would kill me or maybe just tell me to shut up…..which you know would be “almost” impossible for me. 🙂

    1. Regarding #4 – yes. One of the reasons he doesn’t like running with others is because he doesn’t want to hear their “positive” encouragement. What works for his is someone screaming at him, like a drill sergeant. So I’m not really very encouraging to him. It could be a potentially awkward 26 miles, actually …

      Foam rolling… basically you just roll different body parts over it. Just the muscle/flesh, you’re not supposed to roll bones/joints over it. Here is what it looks like: You can get creative. Roll it under whatever you can get it under. I prefer to do my IT band, front of my quads, and even in between the IT band and quads, the hams, calves – back, side and front. and sometimes my butt. If you have a long roller, you can lay on it with it along your spine and roll back and forth for a little back massage.

  3. I totally understand what you mean about “dreading” running and I felt like that a lot during the training program, especially around this time when the mileage continues to climb as does the time commitment. You are on track for a great marathon and you will be awesome!

    I’ve never run with my spouse so I can’t offer advice on that, but considering the time and dedication required to run a marathon, I think it is best to run your own race. If that is the same as your spouse, great! But if you run your own race, then you know that you did things just the way you wanted to. Running a marathon is kind of a selfish sport. You have to do what’s right for you to finish that distance. 🙂

  4. Awesome training runs! It sounds like your preparation for the Chicago Marathon is going well. 🙂 Not eating enough can definitely affect your recovery, so eating a bit more could be a huge help. I hope you can start enjoying your runs a little more and not see them as a chore.

  5. You are so close to marathon day so keep trudging along! I totally know what you mean when you mention dreading runs. The inability to run “freely” (i.e. without pre-determined distances) is something I started missing too while training for my half! I can’t believe the marathon is a little over a month away…I will be there cheering on 🙂

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