Respect the Cut-Back Week

This morning I learned a valuable lesson:

13 miles, even during a cut back week, is still a serious run. And should be taken seriously.

Last week was an 18-miler. And this week was a cut-back week. (5, 8, 5, 13.) Mentally, I was thinking “it’s just 13.”

Newsflash: it’s never “just” 13. That is still a respectable distance. Hello, for awhile, that was my longest distance … I would train specifically for that distance! I will still train specifically for that distance.

Anyway, so I wasn’t doing my usual pre-long run preparation. I wasn’t mentally preparing myself for this weekend’s run. I wasn’t making sure to drink more water on Friday. I certainly didn’t put ANY thought into my pre-long run dinner. Other than “This is my birthday dinner! Let’s celebrate!”

Fried cheese curds, a lobster roll (with cole slaw and fries), and a flight of stouts and brown ales does not a good pre-long run dinner make.

(That is also a terribly constructed sentence.)

Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery
This was not taken last night, but every post needs a picture.

I mostly blame the lobster roll. But I’m sure the beer did nothing to help with hydration. But, on the upside, it was a delicious dinner. And I discovered I really like 3 Floyds‘ Robert the Bruce. (In case you care, many of 3 Floyds’ beers are hoppier than I personally prefer [but my brothers and sis-in-law love them], so I was happy to discover another beer of theirs that I like. I also enjoy Gumballhead and Pride & Joy, two of their other two non-pale ales.)

So, obviously, this morning’s long run wasn’t the best of this training cycle. It wasn’t my worst long run ever (hopefully I never top my worst) nor was it quite my worst 13 miles (again, I hope to never top that worst), but it certainly felt like amateur hour for me out there. Actually, I didn’t even do 13. The pace group I run with does the “beginner” mileage, which was 12 this week. Good enough for them = good enough for me. And my stomach.

I think my cat has sympathy pains, because when I got home I discovered that she threw up on the carpet. Aww, so sweet, right?


In totally unrelated news, I cannot get this song out of my head (in a good way).

Also, I’m currently addicted to SongPop. If you play, find me, I’m “magpop.”

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9 Comments on “Respect the Cut-Back Week”

  1. I’m sorry you felt lousy on your run this morning. I think we’ve all overindulged more than we should have before a long run. But, you got in a solid run and it’s a cutback week, so as long as you’re working on your endurance in some fashion I’m sure you’ll be fine when it comes time to run the marathon.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yes, respect 13.1 miles. It’s just long enough that if you go out too fast, you could end up walking the last 3 miles (as has happened to me)! Mmmm… that beer looks delicious….

  3. Girl, i have learned this lesson the hard way time and time again. It’s actually a good lesson to learn though, because it scares you into proper marathon preparation!

  4. I have totally done that before. I think my first cutback of 12 miles was brutal and I couldn’t figure out why. Respect the long run, regardless of how many times you’ve already completed the distance. It is nice to learn this lesson now than in the weeks closer to the marathon!

  5. Ugg – I have totally done that before. Sometimes you just get into a groove of longer runs that you think those shorter longer runs don’t matter. But they can be tough too!
    I love the Let’s have a kiki song! A friend is doing this whole dance at his wedding this coming weekend!

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