Fashion Friday Backlog

I haven’t done a Fashion Friday post in awhile. My camera broke (and has yet to be replaced) and I feel like I fell into a fashion rut and therefore wasn’t wearing photo-worthy outfits. But let’s catch up … if something is “new” (purchased within the past couple months), I mentioned where I bought it.

June 21

Skirt from H&M

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

June 22

Cardigan from Old Navy

wardrobe remixwardrobe remix

wardrobe remix

June 25

Pants from H&M; Top and cardigan from Carson’s



July 4 (I also discovered a new app on my phone to make photogrids, unfortunately the photo quality is poor)


August 20

Top and belt from H&M; skirt from Forever 21

Wardrobe Remix Wardrobe Remix

wardrobe remix Peep Toe

August 21

Top and skirt from H&M; necklace from Forever 21

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

Untitled wardrobe remix

August 22 (my birthday)

Dress from H&M; Necklace from Forever 21

wardrobe remix wardrobe remix

So … funny story about butterflies. When I was in high schools, butterflies were my “thing.” (I know, I was one of those girls.) So, a few (um … seven) years ago, my friends and I were on a trip, and, among other things, we stopped at a butterfly greenhouse. Everyone assume I would love it because I love butterflies. Well … I love representations of butterflies. But actually things flying around my head? Freaks. Me. Out. (Including birds.) They all had a good laugh at my little “secret.”

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7 Comments on “Fashion Friday Backlog”

  1. The green skirt from H&M is adorable! Love the zipper up the back. Also your June 25th outfit is a lot of fun. I like the gray pants with the teal top.

  2. That butterfly dress is so fun! And I love the green skirt that zips up the back. Seems so risque 😉

    I have an app on my phone that does photo collages and I LOVE IT! It’s so fun. I am happy you found one to play with 🙂

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