Best Sports Bras for Runners (In My Opinion)

I have been asked many times for sports bra recommendations. I don’t know if it’s because I talk about how much I love Moving Comfort all the time, or this is just a common question among female runners. Either way …  time to post about it.

No post about bras would be worth anything without being upfront about my bra size. I’m a 32D, although last year I was a 34D. (I just got resized at Intimacy over the weekend … seriously, ladies of ALL sizes, go there. The very first time I went, I was wearing 38C bras and found out I was really a 34D. Wearing the correct bra size makes a huge difference! And don’t trust what Victoria’s Secret tells you. They told me I was a 38C. And those bras were SO uncomfortable on me.)

I also used to wear cheap, flimsy sports bras from Target. Actually, I still wear them – the camisole style – but not for working out. I wear them on those days when “dressing up” means putting on clean yoga pants. Or when it’s hot and you don’t want to sweat in your nice bras.

Anyway, point being, I used to wear bras that I knew were not supportive enough. I knew by feel that they weren’t supportive enough; it took this race picture for me to realize how bad it looked –>

Thus began my quest for good sports bras. Here are my reviews of them, in order from most to least favorite of the ones I own:

Moving Comfort PhoebeThis is my current favorite bra. It is racer back, and the sizing it A/B XS-XL and C/D XS-XL. It is listed as medium-impact, but I have no trouble wearing it when I’m running. It’s cute (so you can wear it solo on hot days), doesn’t chafe me, and is not too expensive.

Moving Comfort Juno: Pictured below. This is the bra to try if you want uber support and maximum headlight coverage. It is sized by your actual bra size, and the straps are adjustable (by velcro in the front – THE FRONT – that’s how you know this was designed by a woman). Unfortunately, if your size changes, as mine did, you might chafe – at the bottom of the v-neck is a little pinch of fabric, which started chafing me a couple months ago, but a small, round band-aid usually prevents that. But if you are at your ideal weight and therefore your bra size probably won’t change, this is a great bra. It’s a little pricey though.

Moving Comfort Fiona: This is a good bra, although it is not racer back, which I prefer. But if you don’t mind that, this is a pretty affordable bra. Although not as “structured” as the Juno, it will hold everything in place, but you might get some show-thru. The straps are also adjustable. This is also sold by size your normal bra size, but has not chafed me with my change in size.

CW-X Xtra Support Bra II: I bought this recently through a deal on The Clymb. It’s a good bra. Very supportive. The straps cross in back. It’s cute, although it’s white, so it’s not like I would ever wear it solo.

Anita 5527: I purchased this bra at Intimacy, because while I love going there to get sized, their bras are super expensive. I figured if I was going to spend that much on a bra, may as well make it a good one. I’ve worn this once so far, but so far, so good. It is also sold by your actual size and is not a racer back.

CW-X Firm Support Bra II: Also purchased recently via The Clymb. Also a good, supportive bra. I got it in light blue, and have worn it solo. It’s not racer-back, but the straps don’t go straight back, they go in a little (but don’t cross or come together). I just have this issue where even if my straps aren’t falling down, I feel like they are. So I’m a big fan or racer/cross-back bras.

Lululemon Ta Ta TamerThis is the only Lululemon thing that I own, and I bought it off ebay. It’s a decent bra. Holds things in place. I wear it with the straps crossed in back, which even when extended as far as they go, is a tad snug. Also, I have had the straps snap loose while working out at the gym (weights, stretching, etc – so I was moving around a lot). So because of those reasons, and the price, I probably wouldn’t buy it again unless I got it at a great deal. But it is a cute bra. It came with removable cups, which could help guard against show-thru.

Note: These are all my opinions, I was not asked or paid by anyone to talk about their bras. However, if you click on the ads on the right, or on “The Clymb” links above, I will receive a percentage of sales as cash or store credit should you make a purchase. 


Which sports bras do you like? Or hate?

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11 Comments on “Best Sports Bras for Runners (In My Opinion)”

  1. Good post! My Juno bra has begun chafing me like no other… I guess it’s time to get resized! (they are newer bras).

    Question: I am guessing Intimacy sizes you for non-running bras, not specifically for your sports bra?

  2. Thanks Maggie! You know I love sports bra opinions (especially from someone that is more than an A/B cup size!! I don’t have a favorite yet! I loved the fiona but it chafed something fierce!! I’ve worn it since (one time) for a 4 mile run after starting to use Vaseline (instead of body glide) and it definitely helped a lot!! I’m trying it tonight…fingers crossed. The sports bra I wore on Saturday for my 16 mile run totally cut me up! My place that I have the most problems in on my shoulders!! I may have to try something else. I love racer back but many super supportive bras for my size don’t come in racer back!

  3. As a member of the itty bitty titty committee I wear the ones from Target. However, I’ve noticed that some of them don’t do such a good job of disbursing the sweat that they collect. Which means I have a bra that dry on top but soaked in the valley. Maybe this is just a function of all sports bras and I never noticed because I only wear the C9 ones.

  4. I tried the Moving Comfort ones and had chafing issues with the clasp on the back! So I use C9. Which is funny, because I am a C or a D but wear a B in C9 and it works perfectly.

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