And so, my 20s are officially in the past. They were eventful. Some highlights:

I graduated from Loyola in 2004.


I got my first and second career-jobs. Second one came with my own office. Which I eventually had to move out of and into a new office.

Goodbye office of 5 years

I moved in with my fiance – this was our apartment for 3 1/2 years before we moved in with a roommate, and then moved in with my parents.

apartment apartment apartment apartment

apartment apartment apartment apartment

I got married.

I stood up in both of my brothers’ weddings. And the weddings of four of my friends.

Oldest brother’s wedding (notice how relaxed I look, haha); middle-older brother’s wedding

I became a Navy Wife.


I adopted a cat. And took like a zillion pictures of her.

Olive snuggied up nom nom nom

you can come out when the tornado warning ends Olive Olive

I became an Aunt x3. I love these kids so much! If I ever do have children of my own, it will be because they are so sweet and hilarious.

Madeline Christmas Surprise Party

I co-chaired a huge annual local fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Twice. And I spoke in front of a large crowd and didn’t faint. Twice.

IMG_1195 IMG_1176

I played in two community bands. (Once a nerd, always a nerd.)

I participated in a charity fashion show at work. And a dance recital with my now-sisters-in-law (and brother).


I ran a half marathon (and then 6 more).

Robert, Me, Gen Chi Town Half Marathon 2012 Applefest Half Marathon
Sunburst, Chi Town, Applefest

I visited 6 new states (Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire).

carinval valor ornament Maine
An ornament that represents the cruise we took from Florida; Maine

I re-visited 5 states (Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Washington, DC [let’s just count that one]).

Michigan Golden Gate Bridge
Michigan; San Francisco

Point Loma korean war memorial in DC
San Diego (with my cousin); Washington, DC

I left the country for the first time.

Visiting my now sister-in-law in Texas for my senior year Spring Break. 

And visited 4 countries (Mexico, Belize, Honduras, the Cayman Islands).

chacchoben mayan ruins spanish lookout cay, belize
Mexico; Belize

roatan, honduras 
Honduras; Grand Cayman