Training, August 13-19

Monday: It was pouring. So I rested.

Tuesday: 5mi in 52min, 10:24 pace. Avg HR = 143. Got caught in a little bit of rain, which is always nice! (When it’s not cold.)

Wednesday: 8mi in 1:23, 10:19 pace. Avg HR = 144. I wasn’t feeling it. Normally I try to do some kind of speed with my mid-week long run – a tempo or intervals or at least marathon effort. But either I was tired or the heat of the day got to me (temps in the 80s for the first time in awhile).

Thursday: 5mi in 51min, 10:06 pace. Avg HR = 144. I don’t remember anything about this run, other than noting in DailyMile that the weather was nice.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 18mi in 3:09, 10:31 pace. Avg HR = 145. New personal distance record! And great weather. Mostly in the 60s. I went through a pack of Clif Shot Bloks in Margarita (extra sodium) during the run.

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 36 (new weekly record!)
Total Time: 6hr 15min

Ice bath time Olive wants a bath

Ice bath after my long run on Saturday. And who keeps me company during my ice baths. (One of these days, she’s going to fall in. And it will be hilarious.)


  • Another week with no strength work. I was doing so well for awhile there. I need a strength work training plan.
  • Pace aside, I’m at the point where I’m feeling pretty confident that I can cover the distance of a marathon.
  • But I’m still planning to run at my husband’s pace. Speaking of which, I’m trying really hard not to nag him about training, but I’m worried he’s not doing enough to prepare himself to finish on marathon day (without it being kind of ugly). I certainly do not want to force him to run 26.2 miles if he’s undertrained. But I can’t nag him into marathon training. He has to want to do it himself. I told him if he doesn’t want to do the marathon after all, he doesn’t have to. We can always try to sell the bib. If not, I’d rather be out the $150 than force him through the distance.
  • I seem to be doing something right, because I’m not sore after long runs. I always make sure to stretch afterward, and I’ve been able to get in an ice bath as well. (This is how I do mine: turn the water as cold as the tap will go, get in the tub, close the drain, let the water fill up to my waist, turn off the tap, then dump in some ice, and sit for 10 more minutes. Definitely bring reading material with you.) I haven’t been foam rolling as much, but I do when I feel like I need it. I wear compression tights or knee socks for recovery when my legs feel fatigued. (Like Saturday evening – after my long run in the morning, I spent the afternoon shopping in some not very supportive sandals.)
  • 47 days to the marathon! Only two more long runs! (Plus two cut-back weeks and tapering.)
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7 Comments on “Training, August 13-19”

  1. The 18 miler is definitely a turning point. I had a rough 18 miler and I doubted my quest to finish this race. Then, I totally rocked my 20 miler and confidence was right back up there. You are a great runner and will have no problem completing the marathon. And you know I’ll be there on race day to run a few miles with you too, even if the Sailor isn’t able to… 🙂

  2. oh too funny, my cats LOVE when I take ice baths. they sit on the edge of the tub and drink the water and splash their paws on the top playing with the ice. that alone keeps me entertained 🙂

  3. Get it girl!

    Your mileage is awesome. I’m trying to build mine up a little more. Because of poor scheduling, I haven’t been hitting the long miles like I wish I could, but I’m hoping increasing the weekly mileage overally will help a little.

  4. Congrats on your PDR! 18 miles is a looong run! It sounds like you have your recovery routine down solid now. It’s a bummer that your hubby isn’t getting his training runs in. I have a friend who ran a marathon with an 18 miler as her longest training run and she said it wasn’t a great experience; she wound up walking a lot of the final miles. Hopefully he can get in a longer run before the race.

  5. Congrats on the new PDR and weekly distance record!

    It’s good that you do not feel sore after every run. I remember a friend saying she felt sore all the time when she trained for her first marathon and that just sounded miserable.

    Data likes to hang when I take an ice bath too. One time he got in and stood on my legs! I got pics for the blog, of course 😉

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