Training, August 6-12

Monday: Track workout with Kelly! We both did Run with Jess‘s virtual Olympics and wanted to bang out the short distances together. My times: 1500m = 6:36; 800m = 3:21; 400m = 1:20; 200m = 35.3 seconds; 100m = 17.8 seconds.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 8mi in 1:13. I did the middle miles at marathon effort, overall pace for those miles = 8:45, and HR for those miles = 155.

Thursday: Group run with the FNRC, 4mi in 40 min, 10:05 pace, avg HR = 136.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 17 miles in 3:07, 11:00 pace, avg HR = 140. New personal distance record!

Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 34 (new weekly record!)
Total time: 6hr, 4min


On the left: Kelly and me on the track (Photoshopped, in case you couldn’t tell from my lack of shadow).
On the right: I was late and missed the group picture, but doesn’t that look like a fun group to run with??


  • Obviously the highlight of the week was my 17 miler. I was up “late” the night before, and Saturday’s temps were predicted to be great, so I skipped my group run with CARA, “slept in” and did my run solo starting at 9am. It was actually kind of nice. I could just go at my own pace, stopping at home or a water fountain or for a walking snack break as needed. The last couple of miles were the toughest of course, but those 17 miles weren’t as bad as I thought 17 miles would be. But, as Vera has told me, if you keep your heart rate low enough, you could go on forever.
  • 17-miler food & stuff, in case you care: breakfast was an English muffin with peanut butter and half of a banana, during the run I ate the other half of the banana, two raspberry fig newtons and 5 pretzel rods (not the giant ones but … medium ones), and I ran with a handheld water bottle, refilling it along the way. I didn’t run with compression sleeves, and my legs didn’t feel any worse than my long runs with them, so I might only use those for recovery or when my legs are sore. I didn’t have to pee during the run, but I think I lost 3 lbs, which isn’t bad, but I could drink more water.
  • The track workout with Kelly was a very close second for the highlight of the week. I love running fast!
  • No strength work this week. Oops.
  • I have been skimping on sleep lately and it is really starting to catch up with me. I’ve had a couple opportunities to sleep in recently, and it has felt so good. So I really need to make sleep a priority. (Duh squared.)
  • 55 days until the Chicago Marathon!
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  1. I have been so tired lately too. I think a lot of it has to due with recovering from the extreme heat we were having. I didn’t really sleep well during those times. The last week of cool nights has been awesome for sleeping.

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