Training, July 30 – August 5

Monday: 4.68mi in 49 minutes, 10:31 pace. Avg HR = 146. Laced my Garmin into my shoelaces so I could truly run by feel, but I guess I couldn’t really hear the beeps, because I was only supposed to do 4 miles.

Tuesday: 7mi in 1:03, 8:58 pace. Avg HR = 159. The weather felt decent (upper 70s) so I decided to do a tempo. Felt great! Tempo miles (2-6) were an average pace of 8:33.

Wednesday: Pilates-Yoga class at the gym

Thursday: 4mi in 49 minutes, 12:09 pace. Didn’t make my usual Thursday night run but I ran with my husband.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 11mi in 2:03, 11:09 pace. Avg HR = 143. Dropped back to the 10min CARA pace group. Felt much better. Avg moving pace was 10:18.

Sunday: 5×10 core exercises and push-ups; 5×1:00 alternating wall sits and holding a squat.

Total miles: 27
Total time: 6hr, 3min

Untitled Maybe Olive DOES want to come to our marathon watching party.

Left: Good tip for running on a hot day.

Right:  When I woke up to get ready for yesterday’s Olympic Marathon Party, I found someone hanging out next to my outfit. Maybe she wanted to come?

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4 Comments on “Training, July 30 – August 5”

  1. That’s so sweet that you laid out your party outfit the night before. That is so runner-y — I love it! And I like your idea of tying your Garmin into your shoestrings. Need to see a picture of that demo!

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