Needs Some Practice

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about running the marathon with my husband.

So yesterday, we actually ran together.

We’ve run together before. Years ago, we used to do a lot of runs together, and he would usually join me for races. We were also at similar paces.


L-R: After the first or second road race we ever did (a 5K – yes, medals for a 5K!), after the 2011 Soldier Field 10, finishing the 2011 Fort2Base

But then we had slightly different work schedules, and I was doing a lot of runs with groups, and training harder (and thus getting faster), and I started racing a lot (more than he wanted to do), and we haven’t run side-by-side since … the Monster Dash last fall. We’ve done a few races together since then, but have run at our own paces.

Yesterday it worked out that it was convenient for us to run together. So we set out. I was wearing my Garmin, and planned to navigate us for 4 miles, letting him set the pace. I actually tried to have him wear my heart rate strap, but either I placed it in the wrong spot on him, and his heart rate was reading really high, or it doesn’t work if the watch is on someone else, and it wouldn’t read his HR at all.

Anyway, we’re going along,  and I would point in the direction we should go at each intersection. Unfortunately, around mile 2.5, he assumed that when we got back to our street, we were running home, and didn’t look back to check with me. I tried to yell after him that we should go in the opposite direction, but he runs with music. So he couldn’t hear me. He also has this habit of speeding up (a lot) when he finishes any run. So he was speeding up. I caught up to him in our driveway, and he thought we were done. I told him we had only ran 2.8 miles. We had another 1.2 to do.

So we have some “practice” to do if we’re going to actually do the marathon together. My fear is we’ll get separated in the crowd early in the race and then I’ll have 20+ miles of stressing over “Is he behind me or in front of me? Should I stay slow and try to find him, or just give up and run at my own pace? I am the worst wife ever for ditching my husband when we agreed to run together.” I guess we can run with our phones during the marathon, or have some kind of strategy for meeting up at the next water station if we get separated.

Or I can just not overthink it for the next two months.

Ha ha, yeah right. Not over think something? How does that work?

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6 Comments on “Needs Some Practice”

  1. I ran the first 11 or so miles of the Chicago Marathon with a friend and we didn’t have any problems staying together. So, food for thought.

  2. My husband and I only run with one ear bud in when we have music on so we can hear each other and chat a little. And I always map out the route online first and show it to him so he knows what to expect. But it is a good idea to have a game plan for if you get separated during the marathon.

  3. I think, with any running partner, it’s fair you both take the race at your own pace. My friend and I always do that. We always start out the same, but he’s naturally inclined to go faster. And I’d hate to slow him down. So i always wave him on. Your husband should understand.

    Of course, his endurance isn’t what it used to be and I totally passed him up later on, but that’s not the point. I just wanted to bring it up that I finally beat him in a race. :p

    1. My husband used to be faster than me, and there was one race where he slowed down and let me beat him by a second. But I think since this is the first marathon for both of us, we like the idea of not being “alone” out there. But we’ll see how any future runs together go.

  4. I think it’ll be difficult to get seperated during the Chicago marathon and generally the race is bunched up for the first 7-10 miles so you will be in a crowd with little room to move. You’ll basically be forced to stay together :P.

    Later on the pack does thin out but you should be able to see a good amount in front of you and behind you to find him if need be!

  5. I agree with Lindsey – I think it will actually be easier to stay together during the marathon due to the crowds. I think it’s awesome that you two will accomplish this together, even if it’s not perfectly in sync! (I really wanted to type “N Sync” just now…)

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