When training started for the Chicago Marathon (which will be my first), I posted my goals:

  • Make it to the start line healthy.
  • Love running as much on October 7 as I do today. Or more.
  • Cross the finish line before the time cut-off (6hr, 30 min) with a smile on my face.
  • Meet my fundraising minimum ($950).

I purposely did not set a time goal. This is my first marathon. I just want to focus on covering the distance.

My husband is also registered for the marathon (also his first). When we both decided to register, we agreed we would both go at our own pace.

But for some reason when corral assignments came out last week, I suddenly wanted to run the race together.

It could be for a number of reasons:

  • With both of us working full-time and both having long commutes, and all of my racing and focus on training, and his Navy obligations, we often have to work at making time for each other. Lately, we’ve both been trying to make a better effort to do stuff together.
  • With how hot is has been this summer, the thought of running at what will be an easy pace for me sounds like a great idea.
  • Running at someone else’s pace takes the pressure off of me, and eliminates any “I could have done better” thoughts post-race.
  • My goal has always been just to finish this race. It’s not often that my husband and I race together. (In relation to the total number of races I do.)
  • Think of how cute our finish-line photo could be … [that’s what’s important, right??]
  • Because Chicago Runner Girl is doing it too. (Not really, I swear I’ve been editing this post for like a week now, it’s just a coincidence that she posted that yesterday.)

As long as we finish, I will be proud of covering 26.2 miles. That’s my goal. Finish. So why not enjoy those 26.2 miles with my buddy? (I know, gag, that’s what we call each other.)

Running For Kicks Turkey Trot Robert and me Brooks

What do you think? I’ve done races before at someone else’s pace, and had a blast doing it. This time it wouldn’t be so much about helping the other runner, but about doing something together.

BUT … I told him if I don’t “race” this marathon, I will probably do another marathon. Because I’m pretty sure I’ll want to know what’s possible if I actually go at my pace. And it would be nice to get the initial first marathon out of the way to calm my nerves. We’ll see though. Maybe I’ll hate doing 26.2 miles and never want to do another marathon.

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