July in Numbers

Miles Ran: 115
Time spent working out:  
24hr, 36min

Races Raced: One – Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon

Festivals attended: Two – Taste of Chicago and Whiting’s Pierogi Fest


Photo on the right from the very talent Teresa (who was also one of our wedding photogs and friend of many years)

Number of books finished: Three. Now that I’m commuting by train, I have time to read! Sure, I could have read before … but I was lazy.

  • The Land of Painted Caves. This was the sixth and final book in the Earth’s Children series. What did I think? Well, it took me well over a year to finish it, if that’s any indication (granted up until a month and a half ago, I very rarely made/had time to read). This series started off so well, but as it went on, the books kind of fell off. To the point where I found this book to be pretty boring for the first half (or so). The last part of it kind of picked up, so I got through it much faster, but overall, it was kind of a let down. But I only got into the series six years ago (the last time I was commuting via Metra), I can only imagine the disappointment of people who have been reading it since the first book came out 30 years ago.
  • The Beach House. This was a pretty standard summer read / chick lit. I think I picked up this book for free at the last clothing swap I attended. It kept me entertained on the train for a few days. That’s about it.
  • In Her Shoes. Pretty decent for “chick lit.” I think I picked up my copy at a clothing swap or maybe a resale store. I enjoyed the story; definitely looked forward to reading it each time I got on the train. But it’s funny, growing up I always wanted a sister. But now that I’m an adult, and I see the relationships of my close friends with their sisters, I realize brother-sister relationships are much less stressful. Not to say that sister-sister relationships aren’t wonderful and fulfilling, it just seems like there is usually some drama/tension/etc. I also watched the movie, and enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job translating the story to film.
Favorite search terms:
  • what are the 5 colors of the ninja turtles
  • freeballing in chicago
  • i ran my first half in 1:48 [well I hate you]
  • late night body painting in chicago
  • it’s hot but i have to train [I know right? FWP]
  • runners insect face
  • first world problema at work i actually have to work
  • where’s my underwear gif
  • how to enjoy free balling
  • is crisco bad for wetsuits

Not much else happened in July (other than marathon training and lots of time commuting), so here are some photos of sunrises and my cat:

Untitled Good morning! Up and at them!

Buddies It's always important to stretch

And now it’s August … before the month is over, I’ll be in a new age group …

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10 Comments on “July in Numbers”

  1. I watched the movie “In Her Shoes” and wasn’t overly excited about it- but my friend said the book was 10x better. Maybe I’ll have to put it on my list…

    And I agree. I was sad to not have a sister. And my brother and I aren’t “super close”. But I wouldn’t trade our connection for anything. Love my little bro!

    1. I pretty much spent the whole movie mentally filling in the blanks for parts they left out and for the characters internal dialogue. So I think that definitely helped!

  2. You had another great month of training! 24+ hours is a lot of working out! I’m worried if I start logging the time of all my runs it might psyche me out.

    Love the photos of your kitty and the sunrises.

    Happy August!

    1. I did. With this heat, racing any more would have been just too disappointing. Also, I think in 2013, I’m going to start spacing out my races so I can properly train for them and maybe get some nice PRs. I feel like I’m getting to a point where I will REALLY have to work for PRs.

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