Giveaway: Free Entry for Fort2Base!

I’m happy to be serving as an ambassador for the 2012 Fort2Base races. The Sailor [if you’re new to my blog, that would be my husband] and I ran this inaugural event last year and both really enjoyed it!

Ready for Fort2Base tomorrow

There are two distances – 10 nautical miles (11.5 land miles) and 3 nautical miles (3.5 land miles). We ran the 10NM race. It starts at Fort Sheridan, a decommisioned Army base near Highland Park, and runs up the North Shore Bike Path (which is very peaceful and shaded and a net downhill) until shortly after mile 8, where you enter Naval Station Great Lakes (an active military base normally closed to the public) for the final 3.5 miles of the race. You run past the beach, and there is a really fun “character builder” of a hill around mile 10. The 3NM race is entirely on Great Lakes, meaning you still get to experience the hill!

In addition to a lovely course with the cutest course marshalls around (sailors, in uniform of course), you get an awesome half-zip pullover, a super cool finishers medal (which is a secret), a great finish line party, and the chance to experience running in a place that most civilians aren’t allowed to enter.

As an ambassador, I’m giving away one free race entry for Fort2Base (either distance)! I also have an extra half-zip pullover from last year, in a women’s small, that is included in this giveaway.

The race is on Sunday, September 23, so if you’re running the Chicago Marathon, this would be good to use as a supported training run.

If you’d like a chance to win, just leave a comment below and tell me what goes through your mind as you run up a hill. 

You can earn bonus entries – just include in your comment everything else you’ve done.

  • Share a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, DailyMile, Pinterest, etc. One bonus entry for each place you share.
  • Like Fort2Base on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (one bonus for doing each).
I will pick a winner on Sunday (August 5).

Don’t forget! Super Awesome Running Stuff Raffle for the American Cancer Society. Win lots of goodies for as little as $1!

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26 Comments on “Giveaway: Free Entry for Fort2Base!”

  1. When I go up a “hill” in Chicago, the first thing to go through my mind is, “This sucks.” and the second thing is, “Suck it up. You could be a runner in San Francisco. This is nothing.”

    Also, I reposted on FB, pinned on Pinterest, liked Fort2Base on FB, and followed them on Twitter!

  2. I think “f this, I wasn’t told there’d be hills”. But since my rule is that I must run on all hills, I plod along.

    I shared on facebook, twitter and google+

    I already like fort2base on fb and follow on twitter.

  3. I LOVED this race last year. It was so much fun. Great course, great course support, awesome food after. And I hear they worked out the parking issues 😉

    When I am going up a hill, I think, I hope there is a downhill after this. If I recall, there is not after this race. Ha ha.

  4. When I go up a hill, I’m not sure what exactly I think about, but I do know that I usually make a really ugly face and pump my arms hard. I bet it’s super attractive.

    I also shared on Twitter!

  5. Going up the hill, I think “This isn’t so bad. We’re almost at the top and then there is a downhill afterwards!” If I win entry to this race, I might just have some $ to get a hotel room the night before! TBD I guess… 🙂

  6. When I go up a hill I think – “when did Chicago get hills??” It’s always just enough to get me cursing but then I remember why I’m running and who I’m running for – those that aren’t able to run and a special little girl – McKenzie Rainn who passed away from Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 at just 5 months old and won’t get the chance to feel the joys from running. I would love to add this in as race # 8 of my Running for McKenzie 10 race challenge this year.

    Shared this link on FB and liked Fort2Base on FB.


  7. I loved this race!!

    Going up a hill I always think of another blogger’s mantra…”HILLS ARE FOR HEROS!” I repeat til the top. It helps!

    I already like F2B on facebook.

    I’ll post on my fb page and on daily mile!

  8. When I’m running up hill, I look at the ground, I DO NOT want to see how far I have to go 😉

  9. I am thinking about the struggles that Jack and Jill had when they went up the hill. Or did they have struggles going down hill? I can’t remember.

  10. When I am going up a hill, I think, “UGHHHHH!!!! My legs are burning!!! Shorten your stride and quicken your foot turnover!!! Time for a walk break!!!”

  11. When I’m running up a hill…I think, Ugh this sucks, I hate hills! Then I think….just keep going, just keep going!

    I like Fort2Base on fb

  12. For some reason I LOVE running up hills, so I’m usually thinking “yes! time to start passing people!”

    I also liked on FB and posted on Pinterest

  13. When I’m going up a hill I’m usually thinking something along the lines of I want to die. ;P

    I shared this giveaway on facebook and I liked the race on facebook and twitter. 🙂

  14. In training, must do to get stronger!
    In a race, ‘can I pass that person in front of me’?

    Would love to try this race out….one of my old room-mates is the gal in the ad for the race this year (in the blue tank – Erin)….

  15. When running up a hill, I hear the rocky theme song in my mind and keep on trucking up the hill. It feels horrible at the time but the excitement of finishing is worth it!!!

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