Training, July 23-29

Monday: 4.15mi in 48:33, 11:41 pace, avg HR 134. My legs wanted a rest day (the RnR Half was the day before), but with the weather forecast and my schedule for the week, I decided to run Monday, but keep it super easy – I didn’t even monitor my heart rate monitor (I laced my Garmin upside down into my shoelaces). My knees were starting to hurt around mile 2, and then I ran past the nearby high school and noticed the sprinklers were on at the football field. So I did the rest of my run around the track, which felt much better on my knees, and ran through the sprinklers when I needed to cool off.

Tuesday: 6mi in 55:59, 9:19 pace, avg HR 153. Scheduled called for 7mi, but I only had time for 6. Did miles 2-5 at marathon effort, average pace was 9:03.

Wednesday: 50 push-ups, 60 core exercises, 3x:100 holding a squat.

Thursday: 4.03mi in 39:11, 9:43 pace, avg HR 149. Easy run with the FNRC.

Friday: 5×10 abs and push-ups, 3×1:00 holding a squat.

Saturday: 15 mi in 2:36:01, 10:33 pace, avg HR 148. Personal distance record! I finally know what it feels like to go beyond the half marathon distance! I mentioned before that I should switch to the 10:00 pace group, but of course I started with the 9:30 group anyway and ended up trailing them by a little bit. My average moving pace (I don’t stop my watch at intersections/water stops) was 9:59. So I should run with the 10:00 group.

Sunday: 5×12 abs and push-ups, 5×1:00 holding a squat.

Total miles: 29
Total time: 5hr 59min

Thursday – F’N Ladies


This has nothing to do with training, but Saturday evening = Pierogi Fest. So delicious. Pictures taken by Teresa


  • The corral assignments for the marathon are out. The Sailor and I are in two far-apart corrals (me = E, him = K) and suddenly I’m re-thinking my marathon plan. Although I’m not changing my goals (which were pretty open-ended to begin with, because they never included a time goal). I’ll save my thoughts for a later post.
  • Did you see my latest Super Awesome Raffle for the American Cancer Society??
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5 Comments on “Training, July 23-29”

  1. Nice week of training! How are your knees now?
    Thank you for reminding me to look at our corrals for the marathon. It seems like a great idea- last year was so crowded for a while during the race.

    1. My knees feel fine now. They get a little achy after longer distances. I definitely won’t make it a habit to run the day after a double-digit run!

  2. Yay for reaching the new distance! That always feels really good (or really bad depending on how brutal the run is:). I love going into a new race distance with no real goals other than to finish. I usually have sub goals in the back of my mind, but truly, finishing (especially for a marathon) is the top goal.

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