Super Awesome Raffle for the American Cancer Society

Note: This giveaway has ended. 

As most of you know by now, I’m running the Chicago Marathon on behalf of the American Cancer Society.

And it’s time for another fundraising raffle! This will probably be my last one. But I have lots of goodies for you!!

This isn’t even all of it!

Based on your feedback, I’m going to be splitting this up for three winners. But, in return for your donation to the American Cancer Society, I have for you …


Aspaeris Pivot Shorts:

Amanda aka TooTallFritz has graciously let me borrow this pic of her modeling the shorts. If you win these, you will get to pick your size and color (black, white, navy or red).  If you’ve never heard of these shorts: Aspaeris Pivot Shorts™ are actually two pairs of shorts bonded together. The Outer Short is a high performance compression short designed to support your muscles. The Inner Short features our breakthrough, Dual Sensory Compression Bands™. These cross-knit bands guide your muscles into the proper position, thereby improving your pivot performance which helps prevent ACL and hip injuries. Pretty fancy, no? Many of my lady friends love these.


Brooks RunHappy shirt:

Your choice of color (see the web site) and size.


Fast Women shirt or tank:

You can choose if you want a tank or short sleeve, if you want “I <3 Fast Women” or “I Run With Fast Women,” the color and the size. (Men’s sizes also available.) These shirts are blank on the back.


Injinji toe socks:

nike cyclone vapor running jacket

I LOVE INJINJI SOCKS! They are honestly the only socks I run in. I never get blisters (minus the one time I wore an extra pair of socks over my Injinji socks), and my feet are nice and toasty in the winter and don’t overheat in the summer. Also, these will be sent to you directly by Injinji (or their PR firm), so I don’t know if you can request the color, or if they’ll just send white. Obviously you get to pick your size.


Bani Bands (your choice from among the ones pictures on the left):

Untitled Untitled

I wear no-slip headbands all the time, and have tried quite a few different brands. I love that Bani Bands are adjustable (the elastic has an adjuster similar to your bra strap), and they come in lots of fun prints, including reflective (the silver/blue/yellow and silver/red/black striped ones in the pic on the left, and the one I’m wearing on the right, which is not part of the giveaway). And THEY DO NOT SLIP! Actually, none of the various brands I’ve tried slip much, but the Bani Band I wore didn’t move AT ALLl!


Proud Runner socks:

Untitled Untitled

I have yet to run in these, but they are novelty socks, not compression. But look how cute! (For the record, the pair I am modeling is the pair I won from Yo Momma Runs, the other three pairs Proud Runner sent for the purposes of this giveaway. So you will not receive a pair of worn socks, I promise.)




Made by SPIbelt, the SPIband is like a little pocket for your wrist. In my very lovely photo above, I have shoved a GU in the pocket. So it fits a GU, and you could probably fit your keys in there as well and it wouldn’t be too awkward. According to their web site, you could also wear this around your ankle. I have not worn this, as they only sent one, and I figured I shouldn’t sweat all over something that I’m giving away.


Fuel: Yes, I’m cheaping out on you on this one. I’m throwing in the various gels and such that I have acquired but don’t like: GU (Mandarin Orange and Jet Blackberry), GU Chomps (orange), Sport Beans (citrus), Cytomax individual powder packets (citrus). Hopefully you like those, or are interested in trying them. BUT because I don’t want to totally cheap out on you, I will throw in Clif Shots in Mocha and Clif Shot Bloks in Margarita. Which I actually paid for.


Prize Breakdown: 

First Winner (value around $160):

  • Aspaeris Pivot shorts
  • Choice of Brooks RunHappy shirt OR Fast Women top
  • A pair of Injinji socks
  • Choice of three of the Bani Bands
  • Choice of one of the pairs of Proud Runner socks
  • SPIband
  • Cytomax water bottle

Second Winner (value around $90): 

  • The Brooks RunHappy shirt OR Fast Women top (whichever the first winner didn’t choose)
  • A pair of Injinji socks
  • Choice of three of the remaining Bani Bands
  • Choice of one of the two remaining pairs of Proud Runner socks
  • Cytomax water bottle

Third Winner (value around $75): 

  • The remaining two Bani Bands
  • The remaining pair of Proud Runner socks
  • Cytomax water bottle and lots of fuel


How to enter:

  • Required: Make a donation to the American Cancer Society through my fundraising page. Every $1 = 1 entry.

Bonus entries (only eligible if you make a donation between now and the deadline):

  • Share a link to this post via Facebook, Twitter, DailyMile, Pinterest, your blog, etc. Leave a comment letting me know all the ways you shared the link (just one comment is fine). One bonus entry for each place the link is shared.
  • Everyone who has donated to one of my ACS giveaways in the past will get an additional bonus entry.

I will pick a winner on Tuesday, August 7. Thanks!

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15 Comments on “Super Awesome Raffle for the American Cancer Society”

  1. Pick me, pick me….!! I just donated! I’m trying to figure out how to post you on my Pintrest, but I can’t even figure out how to work Pintrest. I’ll keep trying! I’m not a computer techie like you 🙂

  2. Okay, my entire comment was deleted b/c my pw that I copied was wrong?

    I donated another $25, posted to FB on the TooTallFritz page. It will also tweet under TooTallFritz.

    Great work! You are doing great on the fundraising and I know its a ton of work getting these rafflest together.

    Sidenote, I didn’t see a direct link on your side bar or this post to the donation page. I went into the other post to look for it but did find it. Maybe, I missed it? Or am blind? Or in a hurry? 🙂


  3. Just made a 5.00 donation to your cause. Enter me in the raffle please. Keep doing the great things that you do!

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