Monday: 4mi in 44 minutes, 10:54 pace; Abs Day 13; 55 push-ups. Run was easy effort (avg HR = 149).

Tuesday: Rest. I think it was super hot this day so I decided to run Wednesday instead, even though I had a dentist appointment after work.

Wednesday: 7mi in 1:09, 9:42 pace. Goal was to do the middle 5 at “marathon effort” (avg HR = 157). I also ran a little bit later in the evening (because of the dentist appt) so it was shadier.

Thursday: 20 minutes of Yoga and a chair massage at the ZOOMA Kick-off

Friday: 4mi in 39 minutes, 9:26 pace. The temperature dropped (and I ran at 8pm), so this run felt fantastic.  Run was easy effort (avg HR = 146).

Saturday: Arms & Abs – 50 ab exercises, 50 push-ups

Sunday: Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon, 2:03:50, 9:27 pace. I feel like this was my most perfectly executed race by heart rate … only took a year of running by heart rate to get to this point. Avg  HR = 145 for mile 1; 158-164 for miles 2-6; 165-170 for miles 7-11; 173 for mile 12; 179 for final 0.1

Total Miles Ran: 28
Total Time (All): 5 hr, 29 min


Left: Sweaty Monday; Right: Racy Sunday (with Amanda)


  • I’ve been slacking on the ab and push-up challenges. Oopsie. I also need to add squats or wall sits or those clam-shell leg lifts to those. My knees were feeling it on Monday (day after the half marathon). Long ago, BFF Ultra Vera suggested regular wall sits to prevent knee injuries.
  • After so many days in a row of 90s, I’m occasionally shocked at my pace when I run in cooler (70-80s), less-humid temps. Since I run by effort and not pace, it’s always a fun (or not so fun) surprise to see what pace my body is capable of. Like I noted above, Monday and Friday’s paces were a minute and a half apart, even though they were near the same effort.
  • The ridiculous 90 degree temps have made me get over my body insecurities. Yesterday it was “only” in the 80s, so I actually wore a shirt (tank) for my run.
  • I’m going to start including my heart rates since that is what I run by. However, know that this varies by age! And I’m not an expert! For all I know, I’m not doing it “right,” but I’ve been doing it long enough (12 months) that this feels right for ME. If you have never run by heart rate before and want to give it a try, this is the article (written 11 years ago) that I used as a starting point, and since I love spreadsheets, this is the spreadsheet I created to calculate by age. I don’t follow every range suggested on that chart exactly, but it has been a good starting point for me. And of course you need to wear a heart rate monitor to do this. I wear the one that came with my Garmin 405cx.


  • I HAVE ANOTHER SUPER EXCITING RAFFLE COMING UP! Lots of fun stuff has been donated, and I’m waiting to hear back from one more company. Hopefully you agree that it’s good stuff and donate to the American Cancer Society as a result. Quick question though … I have enough stuff that I can split it up and pick 2-3 winners (will probably do one “grand prize” winner and pick 1 or 2 winners who will get a few things but not as much), or pool it all and pick one winner who will get lots of stuff. Which would make you more willing to donate money? One big prize, or smaller, but still good prizes, and increased odds of winning?