ZOOMA Great Lakes Kick-off

Last night was the kick-off event for ZOOMA Great Lakes. I’m an ambassador.

Some of the ZOOMA Great Lakes Ambassadors

I got to see Kim, Amy and Bobbi again and meet Meghan and Marcia. Great group of ladies!

We did some yoga.


There were also chair massages (the masseuse went to town on my back and shoulders … as if they were super tight or something, have no idea why), manicures and snacks.

And a whole lot of loot for the ambassadors (and some for other attendees).


Muscle Milk is a sponsor, in case you couldn’t tell, so now I have lots of Muscle Milk flavors to try (for the first time). In addition to a giant jug of Cytomax powder AND individual packets (don’t be surprised if the individual packets make their way into my next raffle, I don’t normally drink sports drinks so there is no way I need this much of it). I also received two ZOOMA shirts, a hat … and my very first (non-sparkly) running skirt. I have no problem wearing tight booty shorts on their own, so I’ve personally never had the need for a running skirt that is basically an extra layer of material over booty shorts. BUT, I’ll try anything once. Especially if it’s free. And has lots of pockets. This may turn out to be rather practical … much more practical than the dime bag pocket in most running shorts.


I'm a ZOOMA Ambassador

If you’re interested in joining some awesome ladies
for a half marathon or 5K in October:

ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon & 5K
Saturday, October 20, 2012
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Save $10 off the half marathon or $5 off the 5K at ZOOMA Great Lakes with coupon code GLAMB10.
Visit zoomarun.com/greatlakes to register.


This Sunday: Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon! If you see me, say hi! Especially if you’re a blogger. Not sure what I’m wearing yet though. (What, race day outfits are totally a big deal.)


In other news:

I’m so happy for her. Thanks for pointing this out, Dad.

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13 Comments on “ZOOMA Great Lakes Kick-off”

  1. That looked like fun! The zooma race looks like a good one too- a nice change of pace from the lakefront. I’ll have to keep it on my radar.

    I remember drinking Cytomax during cross country over 10 years ago. The stuff tasted like crap! It’s come a long way since then. 🙂

    Good luck this weekend. I hope to make it to the meetup Sunday morning.

  2. The event was really fun. I loved the yoga and the massage! I took that girl’s card. Maybe I will get a massage one day after a race.

    I have never had a running skirt. I am not that stylish! It will be fun to try it out. A lot of people really like them!

    1. I know they’re popular, but there is also a very humorous, but small, anti-running skirt contingent (or maybe just one blogger, one of my faves), so I’ve always been hesitant to cross over to the “dark side” and wear a running skirt. BUT … they have pockets! Plus … it’s not like I don’t try my hardest to look cute when running (or, doing pretty much anything) anyway, even in shorts.

      1. Make that one blogger AND BFF Ultra Vera who are anti-running skirt. And … Vera’s like my running mentor / casual running coach/advice-giver. I think she’ll still be my friend though.

  3. It looks like the ZOOMA kick-off was a lot of fun! I wish I could have been there, I look forward to getting my swag bag in the mail. 🙂 Have a great race tomorrow!!!

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