Training, July 9-15

Monday: 3.3mi in 33min, 9:49 pace; Ab Challenge Day 6; 50 Push-Ups

Tuesday: 5.98mi in 54min, 9:03 pace – tempo run success! It was a little bit cooler, so I took advantage. Warm-up,  3.4mi tempo [avg pace 8:04], cool down. Also did Ab Challenge Day 7; 50 Push-Ups

Wednesday: 50 Push-Ups. Rest day for abs.

Thursday: 3.01mi in 32min, 10:30 pace. The heat returned. Ran in the morning, did Ab Challenge Day 9 and 50 Push Ups. Went to The Taste in the afternoon/evening and did a lot of walking.

Friday: Ab Challenge Day 10 and 50 Push-Ups

Saturday: 8.91mi in 1:31, 10:15 pace; Ab Challenge Day 11 and 50 Push-Ups.

Sunday: REST. Rest day for the Ab Challenge. I also rested from the push ups.

Total miles (running): 21.2
Total miles (walking): 6 + whatever walking we did at The Taste
Total push-ups: 300
Total time (running & abs/push-ups): 5hr, 9min


  • My tempo run felt GREAT. It was good to know that under more ideal temps, I can get close to my goal pace.
  • I’ve been running with the 9:30 pace group for my long runs with CARA. I don’t stop my watch, but my average moving pace on Saturday was 9:53, and my heart rate was a little above where I want it to be for my long runs. And most of my longer runs (especially on warmer days) are closer to 10-10:30 pace. So I think I’m going to drop back to the 10 min/mile group. I think 9:30 is my “winter long run pace.” Not my “summer long run pace.” At least, that’s what my heart rate tells me.
  • Push Ups are getting easier. Also, for the Ab Challenge videos, I only do the first two exercises (just the ab exercises – she also does a third cardio exercise, I’m getting enough cardio already). Sometimes I don’t like her exercises, so I’ll switch to leg lifts instead, because I feel like she doesn’t target the lower abs very much.

I don’t have any pictures related to this week’s running, but here are some cute ones from the Taste.



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9 Comments on “Training, July 9-15”

    1. I know, I can’t get enough of her!!! And she’s is the happiest, calmest 2 year old I’ve ever met. Very rarely gets fussy. She’s a lot like my brother, he’s a pretty easy going guy.

      1. Actually, your niece’s father was very much like her at that age — which probably explains why Steve and you are here. 😉

  1. Maggie! I’m sorry I have been gone so long from the blog scene. New post at my site, but I wanted to say “GO YOU!!!” for what seems to be an awesome week of training. & I don’t plan on being away from the blog scene anymore 🙂 Congrats & Good Luck with your training 🙂

    Anna @ Red Runs

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