Yesterday, I posted about the perks of Navy Wife Alone Time, which I am currently experiencing while he’s off at annual training. Well, of course there are downsides too:


When he misses my birthday: The first two years he was in the Navy, The Sailor missed my birthday. Last year, he came home from his annual training on my birthday. This year he’s doing AT right now, meaning my birthday is safe!

2010: He missed tapas and a burlesque show. I promise there were actually boys there (I know my brothers were there … and possibly one boyfriend).


When I have to go to weddings alone: We were invited to a wedding in May (three, actually), and he was on duty that weekend. Luckily my friend Chris was there stag, so I wasn’t the odd woman out.

The guy to the left of me is the groom. The gal to the left of him is my sister-in-law. The guy to the right of me (with the beard) is my middle-older brother.


When I have to go to family reunions alone: Last summer, my dad’s family had a huge family reunion. The Sailor was on duty that weekend. I got to share a hotel room with my parents! It was a great preview to moving in with them the following month.

What’s up, fam?


Always having to check weekend plans: Whenever we want to do something fun, we always have to check and see if he’s on duty that weekend. And sometimes I have to go to stuff solo. Which is OK, I’m a big girl. But I like having my buddy around.

Ken & Andrea's Wedding


Luckily, we have yet to experience a deployment, but I’m sure that has an entirely different list of downsides.