The Perks of Navy Wife Alone Time

The Sailor is off at his annual training, which means for two weeks, he’s staying at a Naval Station, doing Navy stuff.  Don’t ask me what “Navy stuff” he’s doing, I still have no idea what he actually does on base. This is how I picture it … totally accurate, right?

He’s been in the Navy for three years, so I’m getting used to these extended periods of alone time. (He’s a reservist, so if he’s not deployed or reassigned and thus needing to be retrained, he’s only gone for one weekend a month and two straight weeks out of the year.)

I try to take advantage of being “single,” for example:

  • I get the whole bed to myself (and it’s a giant bed … two twin beds pushed together). Of course I still only sleep on my side and barely rumple the sheets.
  • I get to hog the Netflix queue. Time to catch up on Weeds and bad movies. (If we had cable, I would say that I get to watch all the bad reality TV that I want without judgement, but we don’t have cable … why isn’t Kendra available on Netflix streaming???)
  • I can go to bed early on Friday to wake up early to run on Saturday without feeling bad about “ditching” him.
  • I can let my clean laundry sit in a basket all week long without putting it away.
  • I can buy a package of cookies and NO ONE WILL EAT ALL OF THEM WITHIN 24 HOURS.
  • I can use up all the hot water without listening to complaints.

But, as great as that is, I miss my schmoopie honeykins.

But once in awhile, I do get to see him all cute in his uniform, so it’s a fair trade, right?

Rob and me
Shortly after his boot camp graduation in 2009
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3 Comments on “The Perks of Navy Wife Alone Time”

    1. I always chuckle whenever some of my other female friends post something on Facebook like “[My partner] is leaving for [a week/few days/whatever]!!!! What am I supposed to do to keep myself busy?????” Like, really? First of all, grow up. Second of all, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR “FREE” TIME. Sometimes I really enjoy our occasional time apart because I can honestly do exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it. Or NOT do what I don’t want to do. Not that we drag each other to stuff the other person doesn’t want to do, but it’s nice to have have a break from thinking about someone else for a few days 🙂

  1. HAHAHA, your assumption about what “Navy stuff” means cracks me up. I never knew what my dad did for a living growing up and made equally grandiose assumptions about what business travel meant. Now that I travel for work, I’m still waiting for those chocolates on the pillow and mid-air champagne that I assumed my dad was enjoying.

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