Monday: 3.18mi, 35 minutes, 10:59 pace; Ab Challenge Day Two

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 5.95mi, 1:07, 11:16 pace. This was an attempt at a tempo run in ridiculous heat. Warmed up for two miles, pushed to tempo effort for 2.5 miles (which yielded just under 9 minute pace … just for my own reference on how much the heat is slowing me down, tempo pace should be around 10K pace and my 10K PR is around an 8 min pace), then 1.5 mi cool down (which ended up being a walk because my heart rate kept going over my easy zone). Damn you heat. I also 50 push ups.

Thursday: 3.05mi, 39 minutes, 12:54 pace. (Avg moving pace 11:43.) July Moon Run with the Park Forest Running & Pancake Club (a.k.a. “The Pancakers”). They do a monthly evening run on the Thursday closest to the full moon. I’ve never run with this group before, but it ended up being a lot of familiar faces (a lot of Yankee Runners, who I run with on Saturdays with CARA). Amanda joined me and we ran together. It was hot, but it was nice to run on a new (to me) path. When I got home I did 50 push ups.

Friday: Ab Challenge Day Three and 50 push ups

Saturday: Ab Challenge Day Five and 50 push ups (all regular! no “girl push ups”). Ab Challenge Day Four was a rest day (nutrition tips, I think … I skipped it) but I already took three rest days.

Sunday: 12mi in 2:14, 11:10 pace. (Avg moving pace 10:25.) Since CARA cancelled all Saturday group runs, and it was supposed to hit 90 by 9am, I took that as a sign I should move my run to Sunday, as did a few other F’N Runners. So glad I did, the temps were in the 70s, it rained and was cloudy at first … glorious. I miss running in normal weather. I still kept a comfortable easy pace. Also wore my new Aspaeris Pivot shorts … I’ll be honest, they chafed me a bit. If you’ve worn those shorts before, did you go commando, or not? How far did you run in them? Did you have chafing issues?

Total Miles: 24 running; 8 walking
Total Time (minus walking): 5hr 55min





  • Some of the folks in my running club are doing a 50 or 100 push up challenge for the month of July. I decided to participate, although this is supposed to be a daily challenge. I need to work on the daily part.
  • I’m also doing Run to the Finish’s July Ab Challenge. These videos are kind of hard. Hence my three-day rest between the Day Two and Day Three videos. My abs were SORE.
  • I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’ve stopped stopping my Garmin during runs. The clocks don’t stop during races, so once I start my Garmin, I usually keep it going during my runs, even when I stop for water, bathroom breaks, traffic, etc. I added my average moving pace to runs where I had a lot of stops.
  • 90 days to the Chicago Marathon!