Runner Photo Challenge: Hot

This week’s Runner Photo Challenge is pretty approrpriate:


Show us what hot looks like to you (it can include running or not). This is a bit abstract/vague, so have fun with it! But we’re having no shortage of hot days, so it shouldn’t be too hard.


Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel like the hottest part of my (week)days isn’t my evening run, lately done in 90-degree temps. It’s my evening commute. Although it’s more of an exercise in extreme hot then extreme cold then hot then cold then hot.

The first hot spot is the platform at the station near my office. No shade. Black asphalt baking in the sun all day. And it’s about 3:45pm, so around the hottest part of the day.

Train One takes me downtown, and then I walk almost a mile across the Loop. The walk usually isn’t too bad – I’m in the shade of the skyscrapers, occasionally there is a breeze, and the last third of the walk can be done via the Pedway.

But then I get down to the train platform at the Randolph/South Water Street station, and I’m pretty sure this is the hottest air I have ever felt in my life. I don’t know what it is – you think since you are underground, like two levels underground, it’s going to be cooler, but no. It feels like there is ZERO ventilation, zero climate control, and the hot air spewing from the trains’ exhaust is just hanging there. And of course I walk almost the entire length of the train, to the very last car. (Yes, a #firstworldproblem.)

Then, at the other end, I get off the train, to my car, with a dark interior, which has been baking in the sun all day. I try to use a windshield shade that probably does NOTHING.

So, by the time I get home, the thought of running outside, when I can shove ice in my sports bra, and find some shade to run in, and get a slight breeze as I move, doesn’t sound too bad.

However, tomorrow morning’s group run has been cancelled. I guess … I mean it is supposed to be 90 degrees by 9am, and we start at 7am and are doing 10/12/14 miles. So maybe that’s unsafe or something.


Also, this is the story of my (fashion) life. Including the winter. I just don’t want to wear pants 24/7/365.


If you want to participate in the photo challenge, leave a comment with a link to your representation of “hot”. You have until July 16.

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4 Comments on “Runner Photo Challenge: Hot”

  1. Getting out at Union Station was literally suffocating and almost gave me an anxiety attack. I also had to walk the entire length of the train and the hot fumes killed me. Awful! I can’t wait for this heat wave to go away…

  2. And the evening commute is worse than the morning one. In the am I have a jacket on in the train. NOT in the pm!

    I hate wearing pants too. I haven’t since March. Ha ha ha.

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