Runner Photo Challenge: Your Running Buddy

Photo Challenge: Your running group. Who do you usually run with? A running club? A group run at a store? A buddy? Your dog? No one? Whatever, take a picture of it, even if it’s just you looking lonely. 


Mag Mile Runner: Most of my runs are solo, but every Thursday … it’s F’N Runners night!


I used to be able to make it to a lot of group runs, sometimes four per week – so I could do every run with a group. But then my commute changed, and now the only weekday run I can make is Thursday, so I’m always super excited for it. Whether it’s in the 90s (on the left), or we’re under a winter storm watch (or the right), someone (usually at least Kelly and Amanda) is there on Thursday nights, ready to run!


Running Kellometers: My Number 1 running buddy is: PEPPER


(As if you couldn’t have already guessed that one.) She’s always ready for a run, no matter what. She never complains, is always excited, and watches out for me. She really is a great companion in every way! More.


Out and About:

To paraquote the great Green Day song, “My shadow’s the only one that runs beside me.”  In other words, I always run solo. More.


Pain is Nothing:

Usually I run by myself. I enjoy the solitude and the ability to get lost in my thoughts as I cruise the lakefront. More.


Gingerfoxxx: Between the long hours and the commute, it is really hard for me to make plans and keep them.  So as much as i love running with all these people, it is a rare treat that i always look forward to.  There are a few people though, that i get to run with every day. More.


Next challenge: Hot.

Show us what hot looks like to you (it can include running or not). This is a bit abstract/vague, so have fun with it! But we’re having no shortage of hot days, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

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