Training, June 25 – July 1

Monday: 5.7mi in 52 minutes. Overall average pace 9:09. Took advantage of the one day with cooler temps for some speedwork. Ran by heart rate, so my splits weren’t as even, but I’m still pretty proud! 7:08, 7:23, 7:17. The first split was my fastest mile ever! 🙂 By one second.

Tuesday: 3.06mi in 31 minutes, 10:06 pace. Yup, warmer temps returned.

Wednesday: Pilates/Yoga class at the gym

Thursday: 4mi in 47 minutes, 11:40 pace. HOT run with the FNRC. Temps were in the mid-90s. Kept cool by putting ice in the front of my sports bra, a half-frozen water bottle (for drinking) in the back of my bra, and ran shirtless. Started storming (with hail) on my drive home.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 11mi in 1:52, 10:14 pace with my CARA group. Very humid. I felt great though. They had scales there for us to weigh ourselves before and after to make sure we were hydrating properly – I only lost 1.5 lbs, so I’m hydrating well. Also the run was followed by breakfast at the forest preserve – pancakes, fruit, delicious bacon, and “astronaut eggs” – basically an omelet in a zip-lock bag, cooked in a pot of boiling water on a campsite burner. Yum.

Sunday: Day One of 30-Day Ab Challenge. I only did the first two exercises, and didn’t quite hit the number of reps and sets. We’ll see if I remember to do all 30 days.

Total miles (run): 24
Total miles (walk): 10
Total workout time (minus walking): 5hr 32 min

Thursday. BFF Gen brought her kiddos!
  • I think I have my long run/race food figured out. Dinner the night before my long run was chicken fajitas. I’ve had that a few times before a race or long run and it works well. It’s a delicious way to get protein, veggies, and carbs. Breakfast the morning of was my usual – wheat toast, peanut butter, sliced banana.
  • So … this heat just isn’t going away anytime soon, huh? Dare I say I might be getting used to it … I mean, I’m still running slower, but I don’t feel quite as worn down by the heat.
  • I have run 678 miles so far this year. I ran 725 total miles in 2011. Wow.
  • 98 days until the Chicago Marathon!
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6 Comments on “Training, June 25 – July 1”

  1. Astronaut eggs has to be the coolest idea ever. Whoever figured that out was a genius!

    And the heat is INSANE. My body is having a harder time with it than it usually does, and it’s just getting me frustrated. How are you getting over it mentally?

    1. I think it’s a combination of things. I think just getting out there in the heat when I can/need to, whether it’s to run or for something else, is helping. And just taking it slow, not even caring about my pace also helps.

  2. Congratulations on the 7:08 mile split being your fastest ever! That is FANTASTIC!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!

    Love the astronaut eggs idea – so clever! The possibilities are endless.

    This heat really is something else, isn’t it? I’ve never been so motivated to get up at the crack of dawn to go running before the real heat hits (though it can still be really hot out even in the early morning). I am so excited to see how much this heat-training has helped us all once cooler temps finally start to hit this fall!!!

  3. The CARA supported run sounds awesome! Have you met some cool people?

    Ice in the front of the bra is a great idea. How long did it last before it melted?

    I have been feeling a lot better in the heat too. Slow, but I don’t want to stop. Even though I have sweat dripping off my elbows.

    Our pre long run meals sound awesome. I like Mexican for dinner and bread with PB and bananas for breakfast!

    1. I actually already knew a few people in my CARA group (Amanda / Get to Goal, and a few people from when I used to be able to make it to the Monday night runs at the local running store). So I haven’t really met any new people yet.

      The ice in the bra lasts for many a mile or so. Maybe I should plan my runs to loop back at home and get some more ice. It definitely keeps me cool.

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