Monday: 5.7mi in 52 minutes. Overall average pace 9:09. Took advantage of the one day with cooler temps for some speedwork. Ran by heart rate, so my splits weren’t as even, but I’m still pretty proud! 7:08, 7:23, 7:17. The first split was my fastest mile ever! 🙂 By one second.

Tuesday: 3.06mi in 31 minutes, 10:06 pace. Yup, warmer temps returned.

Wednesday: Pilates/Yoga class at the gym

Thursday: 4mi in 47 minutes, 11:40 pace. HOT run with the FNRC. Temps were in the mid-90s. Kept cool by putting ice in the front of my sports bra, a half-frozen water bottle (for drinking) in the back of my bra, and ran shirtless. Started storming (with hail) on my drive home.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 11mi in 1:52, 10:14 pace with my CARA group. Very humid. I felt great though. They had scales there for us to weigh ourselves before and after to make sure we were hydrating properly – I only lost 1.5 lbs, so I’m hydrating well. Also the run was followed by breakfast at the forest preserve – pancakes, fruit, delicious bacon, and “astronaut eggs” – basically an omelet in a zip-lock bag, cooked in a pot of boiling water on a campsite burner. Yum.

Sunday: Day One of 30-Day Ab Challenge. I only did the first two exercises, and didn’t quite hit the number of reps and sets. We’ll see if I remember to do all 30 days.

Total miles (run): 24
Total miles (walk): 10
Total workout time (minus walking): 5hr 32 min

Thursday. BFF Gen brought her kiddos!
  • I think I have my long run/race food figured out. Dinner the night before my long run was chicken fajitas. I’ve had that a few times before a race or long run and it works well. It’s a delicious way to get protein, veggies, and carbs. Breakfast the morning of was my usual – wheat toast, peanut butter, sliced banana.
  • So … this heat just isn’t going away anytime soon, huh? Dare I say I might be getting used to it … I mean, I’m still running slower, but I don’t feel quite as worn down by the heat.
  • I have run 678 miles so far this year. I ran 725 total miles in 2011. Wow.
  • 98 days until the Chicago Marathon!