June was a great month.

Number of races raced: 4

6/2/12: Sunburst Half Marathon, 1:53:50, 8:41 pace
6/9/12: 13.1 Chicago, 2:12:25, 10:07 pace
6/14/12:  Jim Gibbons 5K in 23:53, 7:41 pace
6/16/12: Chicago Glo Run 6K (just for fun)


L-R: Sunburst, Jim Gibbons (thanks for the pic, Lauren!)

Number of PRs: 1

Miles ran: 100
Miles walked: 32
Time spent working out (minus walking): 19hr, 14min

I wasn’t sure if I’d hit 100 miles this month, but with today’s long run, I did! So that’s four months in a row of 100 or more miles. Oh. Hmm. Maybe that wasn’t the best way to lead into training for my first marathon … ? Time will tell.

Number of concerts attended: 4

6/1: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
6/4: Chicago Chamber Musicians
6/22: Chicago Symphony Orchestra

And a dance recital.


At Radiohead! On the left: BFF Ultra Vera, BFF Scott, me; on the right: me, Scott

Number of years my parents have been married: 38, as of June 15. Congratulations! 🙂

Number of crazy storms I photographed: 1

storm clouds storm clouds

Favorite search terms from June:

  • wearing compression tights under clothes (yes, I do that, so does Kelly)
  • toyota echo race (yes, I drive one … sounds like a crappy race though)
  • baby cat running races (what could possible go wrong?)
  • what mile did the marathon runner poo (mile 22, apparently)
  • what the kellometter (I think I’m going to start saying this)
  • do you carry a purse in chicago (they haven’t banned them. yet.)
  • one can’t complain about first world problems (shows what you know)
  • freeballing in public
  • firstworldproblems stop whining (never!!)
  • fat cat first world problems (YES!)
  • first world problems i want stuff (at least you are self aware)
  • wedding and marathon in same weekend (Nicole, perhaps you can offer some advice)
  • new lenox running club (go here for the Frankfort New Lenox Running Club)
  • how to stop the problems of the world (what the …? I can’t believe you ended up on my blog.)

Favorite spam comment:


How was your June?

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Also, if you’d like to win a free entry for the Chicago Half Marathon, visit RunChicagoSouth.com.