June in Review

June was a great month.

Number of races raced: 4

6/2/12: Sunburst Half Marathon, 1:53:50, 8:41 pace
6/9/12: 13.1 Chicago, 2:12:25, 10:07 pace
6/14/12:  Jim Gibbons 5K in 23:53, 7:41 pace
6/16/12: Chicago Glo Run 6K (just for fun)


L-R: Sunburst, Jim Gibbons (thanks for the pic, Lauren!)

Number of PRs: 1

Miles ran: 100
Miles walked: 32
Time spent working out (minus walking): 19hr, 14min

I wasn’t sure if I’d hit 100 miles this month, but with today’s long run, I did! So that’s four months in a row of 100 or more miles. Oh. Hmm. Maybe that wasn’t the best way to lead into training for my first marathon … ? Time will tell.

Number of concerts attended: 4

6/1: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
6/4: Chicago Chamber Musicians
6/22: Chicago Symphony Orchestra

And a dance recital.


At Radiohead! On the left: BFF Ultra Vera, BFF Scott, me; on the right: me, Scott

Number of years my parents have been married: 38, as of June 15. Congratulations! 🙂

Number of crazy storms I photographed: 1

storm clouds storm clouds

Favorite search terms from June:

  • wearing compression tights under clothes (yes, I do that, so does Kelly)
  • toyota echo race (yes, I drive one … sounds like a crappy race though)
  • baby cat running races (what could possible go wrong?)
  • what mile did the marathon runner poo (mile 22, apparently)
  • what the kellometter (I think I’m going to start saying this)
  • do you carry a purse in chicago (they haven’t banned them. yet.)
  • one can’t complain about first world problems (shows what you know)
  • freeballing in public
  • firstworldproblems stop whining (never!!)
  • fat cat first world problems (YES!)
  • first world problems i want stuff (at least you are self aware)
  • wedding and marathon in same weekend (Nicole, perhaps you can offer some advice)
  • new lenox running club (go here for the Frankfort New Lenox Running Club)
  • how to stop the problems of the world (what the …? I can’t believe you ended up on my blog.)

Favorite spam comment:


How was your June?

Don’t forget about this week’s photo challenge – your running buddy.

Also, if you’d like to win a free entry for the Chicago Half Marathon, visit RunChicagoSouth.com.

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5 Comments on “June in Review”

  1. Great running month! Way to hit 100 miles. I’m super jealous that you went to Radiohead. That has been a dream of mine since the 90s. Love the search terms. That is something that always cracks me up on the blog.

  2. You had another fabulous month with all those races and miles run!

    That spam comment really takes the cake! Sheesh! And all of your blog search terms are hilarious. Mine are all so vanilla compared to yours.

    And we both has storm photos that made our June recaps 🙂

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