Three Things Thursday: Hot as Balls

In honor of today’s lovely weather, here are three things that are good and three things that are bad about hot weather.

Good: You feel so much more accomplished after a run when you are dripping with sweat. Even if your pace was 3-4 minutes slower.

Good: You’ve been working your butt off running all winter, spring, summer … now you can walk around in a bikini in front of your lazy, beer guzzling friends, and be like “what now??” when they try to make fun of your “addiction” to running.

Good: You can leave your windows shut at home and you don’t have to hear the screaming children in the neighborhood.

Bonus Good: It’s an excuse to cook everything on the grill. I have made biscuits (you know, the pre-made dough that is in a cylinder that you have to pop?) on the grill. In addition to the normal grilled foods (meat, vegetables).

Bad: Getting sweaty in your work clothes during your commute. Whether it’s a train car with broken a/c, or having to walk blocks from the train to your office (or from the train to the train) or it’s hot in your car. I’m tempted to start packing my work clothes and wear workout clothes during my commute.

Bad: You have to shave your legs more than once a week month never. And get pedicures, or at the very least, paint your toenails. Or do something with your disgusting feet.

Bad: You have to train for a marathon in this crap … I mean … you will be so fast when fall rolls around.

Bonus Bad: You are a ginger. The sun hates you. You hate the sun.

redhead at the beach

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10 Comments on “Three Things Thursday: Hot as Balls”

  1. I’m 3 hours north….it’s too fricken hot out. I just want to be able to run at my normal 6pm but when it’s 95 degrees and humid as all get out it makes it a pretty sick run…sick in the bad way.

  2. Haha! So funny Maggie. I unfortunately can’t wear a binkini anyway but good thinking! And yes, I thought training last year for the marathon was hot! This year is going to be twice as bad!!!

  3. hahahaha! This made me crack up! Although no matter how much i run, you will never catch me parading around in a bikini (see: i’m a ginger.) I am SO trying biscuits on the grill now….

  4. I adore your optimism 🙂 I’m such a complainer about life and everything you said (the good!) is so true! Especially the part about sweating like you ran 3957129051 miles when you actually ran 2 ridiculously slow miles. Oh summer…

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