How to Cut a Tech Shirt into a Tank

How to turn a race shirt into a tank top

When it’s hot in the summer, the last thing I want to get at a race is a short-sleeve tech shirt. So I figured out how to cut a dri-fit tech shirt into a tank top.

Dear Race Directors: If your race takes place in June, July, August, go with tanks/singlets instead.

If you regularly sign up for race, you’ll start to acquire quite a collection of race shirts. Luckily they are mostly drifit/performance/tech material. But, they are all short-sleeved. (I even got a long sleeve race shirt in May! Oh the humanity.) Which is fine in early spring when the high is 60. But my “short-sleeve shirts” to “necessity of short-sleeves” ratio is getting imbalanced.

So I decided to solve that problem.

tech shirts

Here, let me get all DIY Crafty Blogger on you. Hope you can keep up …

These are scissors.

cut shirt into tank

Cut off the sleeves and the neckline, basically at the seams.

cut dri fit shirt into tank

If you prefer a crewneck, you’re done. If you prefer v-neck, match up the seams on either shoulder. Cut a straight line that follows the new neckline from that seam down to the front. So you’ll basically be cutting off the little upturn you see below. That’s the best I can explain it. Teacher, I am not.

cut tech shirt into tank

That’s it. Marvel at how freaking crafty you are. Move over, Martha Stewart. And these won’t fray in the wash. However, you will have big arm holes … wear these with your “nice” sports bras.

cut tech shirt into tank


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21 Comments on “How to Cut a Tech Shirt into a Tank”

  1. I like the color of the new layout! I feel like the masthead is not as defined because, well, it’s not – the background color for the title is the same as the overall background color 🙂 So you kind of lose that definition at the top.

    Erin was telling me that she did that to one of her race shirts! It’s a great idea! I have so many running tanks that are not race shirts… I am not sure if I have ever received a tank from a race! Have you?

    1. Yeah I’m not sure about the top. I like that I can do rotating headers, but I think because some are light and some are dark, I might have to add “MagMileRunner / etc” directly to each header.

      I have never received a tank from a race, but I think the Women’s Half that was this past weekend gave out tanks.

      1. OK I changed the header so it’s under the blog title instead of next to it. I guess I could just add “MagMileRunner” directly to the headers, but I don’t want to. But now I’m limited to pictures that are wide like that. Oh well.

        1. My header is limited like that too – very narrow. You can break in to the css to make it taller, if you want (I made mine a bit taller). You can also tell it to move the title down.

  2. Love this idea! I’m totally doing this to the 2nd Palos Half shirt I received earlier in May. I keep looking in my drawer, saddened that I don’t have more tanks. When I’m at the store, I always forget to buy them and just end up with more t-shirts like a dum dum. I think a big problem with the tanks is that many of them come with the dreaded “shelf bra” that is super annoying. I could cut it out, but then why am I paying for it in the first place? Dumb!!

    I do like the new layout. Your blog sure has come a long way since the RFP days (as if it was so long ago). 🙂

    1. Aww Run For Pi 🙂 That blog technically still “lives” … sort of.

      I don’t like shirts with built in bras because I have to wear an actual bra anyway (hello, what woman do those shelf bras “support” unless you are just laying around the house? and if you are, why do you need dry-fit?) So then I’m wearing an extra layer – that useless shelf bra layer. Which defeats the purpose of wearing as little clothing as possible.

      I do like the looser-fit singlet style tanks though, which is what these short-sleeves-turned-tanks kind of fit like.

  3. I’m going to be a Zooma ambassador, too! Yayyyyy!!!! Are you bunking with people or is the hubs going along? I’m trying to do this as cheap as possible…

    And I’ve been known to cut up a few shirts as well. Even when I wear the tech shirts with sleeves just to bed or something, the underarms will eventually get bad/gross. That’s when it’s time to break out the scissors!

  4. I did something similar to my Chase Corporate Challenge shirt but mine didn’t turn out nearly as nice as yours! I find that sometimes the arms are still too wide so the armholes come down below my bra. Did you have that problem?

    1. The arm holes came down low enough that you could see the top of my bra, but maybe only an inch or two? (Who knows, maybe more after a few wearings/washings.)

  5. I say boo to this Zooma race being October 20th. My race shoes will be packed for Dublin! (On the plus side, you are basically guaranteed to have great weather since i won’t be there!!” I might have to copy you with sunburst cut off 😀

  6. so simple and so perfect! and they look so cute 😉

    thanks for the idea – i have done this before but with cotton race shirts i got like a hundred years ago (at last now they have switched to tech for the most part!) but i might try it again. chicago’s going to be hot this summer, i think..

    1. I think we are definitely in for a hot summer! Hopefully that means a cool fall, at least when the Chicago Marathon comes around. That’s what I’m hoping.

  7. Um, you’re a genius. I was just about to purchase a bunch of new running tanks. Instead I’m following your lead and cutting up all those tees I can’t wear in the summer. I owe you like $50. I’m good for it – I swear.

  8. Awesome idea!! I have a ton of random t-shirts sitting in my closet and I either end up sleeping in them or throwing them out. I can’t get myself to throw away race shirts though (memories!) so re-doing them is a perfect solution! I love DIY activities.

    Are you running the Rock n Roll half this year?

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