Training Log, June 18-24

Monday: 3.69mi in 40 minutes, 10:46 pace. My husband and I checked out a new-to-us forest preserve and it was awesome! Dirt trails through the trees, gravel/grass around some ponds. Can’t wait to run there again.

Tuesday: 5mi in 52 minutes, 10:19 pace. 2 mile warm-up and then 3 miles at marathon effort (based on heart rate). It’s hot. What else is there to say?

Wednesday: Rest. I really needed it. I wanted to head to the gym after work for a Pilates/Yoga class, but I was beat when I got off the train. My body wanted a rest day, so I gave it one.

Thursday: 3.96mi in 39 minutes, 9:50 pace. Ran with the F’N Runners. Kelly got a bug in her eye and Amanda and I tried to help her get it out, but were unsuccessful. That was the excitement of that run.

Friday: Rest, because I was enjoying the symphony 🙂

Saturday: 6mi in 59 minutes, 9:47 pace with my CARA Summer Marathon Training Group. Cut back week! Thank you, Hal Higdon.

Sunday: Rest. Unless you could shopping.

Total Miles: Running: 19; Walking: 11


Isaak Walton FP



  • I’m actually following a plan. I’ve never followed one very closely. The first few times I tried, I would skip runs. Then I just wanted to run all the time, so I kind of did my own thing based on a variety of plans. But three weeks in and now that I’m done with races for awhile, I’m actually doing a pretty good job following the plan (mostly) as written.
  • I didn’t do any strength work this week. Oh well, life goes on.
  • 105 days to the Chicago Marathon.
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  1. shopping = cross-training! I also skipped strength-training this week. Oh well. The cutback weeks don’t seem huge now, but once you start doing 18 mile runs, they are the most amazing thing EVER! 😀

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