Monday: walked 1.2mi

Tuesday: walked 3mi

Wednesday: walked 2mi; ran 3mi in 30min, 9:54 pace (note: DailyMile rounds up the time and that’s what I go by for these posts)

Thursday: 1.29mi warm-up; Jim Gibbons 5K in 23:53, 7:41 pace

Friday: walked 2 mi

Saturday: 9mi in 1:30, 10:05 pace; walked 3.2mi; Glo Run 6K in 51min, 13:45 pace

Sunday: 30 minutes of weights, resistance bands, core, stretching; 30 minutes of pool running

Total Miles: 20 running; 11 walking
Total Time: 4hr 29 min working out; 3hr 4min walking


Chicago Glo Run 6K   Chicago Glo Run 6K

I got a fever. And the only cure is … more glow sticks. PS I really wish the shirts were dri-fit. (They were cotton.) 


  • This was my lowest running mileage week since early February. I’m My legs are enjoying this step back.
  • Last week I made a major change to my commute – I started taking the train instead of driving. This take a lot more time, but I can save a lot of money. Plus my commute has gone from stress-filled to an opportunity to sleep, read or just zone out. It also requires some walking – I take two trains each way and it’s about three-quarters of a mile between train stations, and my office is about a quarter-mile walk from the train station. So I’m walking at least 2 miles per day on workdays (I probably won’t work from home on Fridays anymore) if I don’t take a cab or bus/train. (I have enough time and taking a cab won’t get me on an earlier train.)
  • I’ve had fun doing four races in two weeks, but I’m looking forward to a break from actual racing until the marathon. (Although I might do a 5K on the 4th of July – my CARA site leader recommended it and it sounds like a lot of folks from my training site do it, so I’m guessing it’s OK to race a 5K three months out from the marathon. I’ll race it but I won’t expect a PR.)
  • With the weight I’ve lost, I think my bra size has changed and now my beloved (and pricey) Moving Comfort Juno bras in size 34D are chafing me.