Training, June 4-10 and my overall running goals

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 3mi in 28 minutes, 9:28 pace. Easy effort.

Wednesday: 5mi in 49 minutes, 9:52 pace. I was aiming for marathon effort. It must have been a warm day.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 13.1 Chicago. 2:12:25, 10:07 pace. It was hot. I ran at a slightly higher half marathon effort (avg HR was 165) but there is no escaping the heat. But I negative split! How many people can say that on Saturday? (Translation = I am a badass! Sort of. Not really. But I’ll take what I can get. And keep running by heart rate.)


Pic on the left is early in the race. Look at how dry my clothes are. Pic on the right is in the second half.  Also if that dude wasn’t in the pic on the right, I would buy it. I love the skyline behind me. 


Left: second half. Right: finish. Shirt weighed down with water (and sweat) and almost completely covering my shorts. 

I didn’t include the pic where I’m trying to do the “Kelly pose” with ice in both my bra and my mouth. It wasn’t a good look. 

Sunday: Pool running with BFF Ultra Vera! (Who finally updated her blog, btw.) She was in town over the weekend for Sunday night’s Radiohead concert (which was awesome). On Sunday afternoon, we met up with BFF Scott at the aqua center, where we all used to spend our summers working as lifeguards/swim instructors/concessionaires/front desk staff. Vera taught me how to properly pool run and we spent maybe 30 minutes in the water.

Pool Runners


Total miles: 21. My lowest mileage week since early March. I wanted to take it “easy” between the two half marathons, plus last week was technically week one of my Chicago Marathon training and I should have only ran 19 miles. (3/5/3/8)

Total time: 4 hours. Lowest amount of time spent working out since early April. My body deserved a “break.”



I’ve been doing a lot of racing this year. It’s been a lot of fun, but during the race on Saturday (13.1 Chicago) I realized races are so much less fun when you’re not PR’ing (unless you are pacing someone else). Although it was fun seeing/meeting everyone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my overall running goals. Ultimately, I run to challenge myself. I want to find out what my limits are, and how far I can push them. I want to find out how far I can run, and how fast I can run. I feel like I have not yet hit my peak (at least I hope I haven’t). My training (and performances) have vastly improved, but I feel like I can keep improving. As long as I give myself enough time to train properly, and also recover properly, instead of getting distracted by doing a million races.

So I need to start being more deliberate about my races. I know I’m not a machine. Just look at the vast differences between my times at my two recent half marathons. Yes, it was hot at the second one, but I definitely wasn’t recovered, and my mind certainly wasn’t focused on the second one. It wasn’t a goal race, so I’m not upset by my performance.

I don’t want to do races just to finish (other than new-to-me-distances). I want to race. Even if I’m just racing against my old times.

Moving forward:

  • Space out races so I have enough time to train (properly) for a potential PR between races.
  • Stop signing up for other races that fall during a training plan unless it’ll be used as a supported training run (that means not racing it)
  • Occasionally I’ll do a race for fun if my friends are doing it (and I truly run at an easy pace or at a pace that fits my current training plan)
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9 Comments on “Training, June 4-10 and my overall running goals”

  1. Your attitude about racing is where I am at now – run to PR, to pace someone… or for fun (or for free!). I raced a lot last year and my head wasn’t in the game by the end.

  2. I am feeling the exact same way. Thats why i have rejected three races in the upcoming weeks….i know i wouldn’t be able to “race them to full potential” so instead i am just going to invest my time into training, and invest my money into adorable running clothes. 🙂

  3. I just reached the same conclusion this week!

    When I first started running races, it was just to finish a new distance and push myself to go farther. But now it’s time for me to stop using the excuse that “I’m slow and I always will be” and start working to improve my time.

    I also totally used several races as really expensive training runs but I need to stop doing that. At first I liked it, since on a normal training run you don’t get free gatorade and people cheering for you. But it starts to take away the real point of a race. And it’s just expensive!!!

  4. Ahhh, pool running. That looks so refreshing and I could use a break from all the pounding on my knees and hips! And I totally understand how racing can start catching up to you after awhile… I’m trying to be more deliberate about not signing up for every race that catches my eye!

  5. i came to the very same conclusion after 13.1 this saturday…it’s very rough “racing” when your head is not in the game. i too am going to try and space out my races and just focus on a few key goal races 🙂 next up… Chicago Marathon!
    hope to see you more this summer!
    happy training!

  6. Your race photos look great 🙂

    I used to race as much as I could and would PR in nearly every race because I was so inconsistent in my training that I would just get stronger each time. But you really hit the nail on the head- when youre not PRing or pacing, a race isnt too fun. I agree 95% with that 🙂 I like running some half marathons during marathon training to just have the “race environment” as well as on course support for a long run (and fingers crossed I hope for a PR out of it).

  7. Although I’ve only run a few races in my life (and never really tried to PR), I suspect that I enjoy races significantly more when I’m running for the experience and without the added stress of racing against a time. But maybe that will change in the future…we’ll see!

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