Look at that, I’m making up new blog post themes.

First, thanks to everyone who donated to the ACS through my recent raffles. The winners are:

Second, I GET TO SEE RADIOHEAD ON SUNDAY! And, what’s even better, BFF Ultra Vera is coming home for it!!!! This will be our fourth time seeing Radiohead together. (And always at an outdoor venue.)

Seeing Radiohead together for the third time at Lollapalooza 2008

Third, Kelly and I got to meet Chicago Bear Shea McClellin last night at a meet & greet to promote a shoe donation drive. He’s a nice kid, and his girlfriend is adorable – and a ginger! So he has good taste in women. She was so cute I kind of wish she was in our picture. Anyway, talking to him, I realized I know pretty much nothing about football (not really shocking). I tried to get The Sailor to come with, since he loves football, but he’s a Green Bay Packers fan (I KNOW! Why did I even start dating him????) and couldn’t be convinced.

Shea McClellin
What sport do you play again? Football? Is that like soccer? Can they bring the Honey Bears back?

Fourth, tomorrow is 13.1 Chicago. Temps aren’t terrible but aren’t awesome, and I have a feeling the course might have very little shade. We got so spoiled last weekend at Sunburst. My goal for this race is to have fun all the way to the finish line, so probably no PR (which wasn’t my goal but you know … you know). My plan is to just run by heart rate, targeting what I did last weekend and I’ll be happy with whatever my pace is, as long as I make it to the finish line on my own two feet. At least the race probably won’t be black flagged like it was last year.


What bands/singers do you try to see as much as possible? I will almost always make an effort to buy tickets for Radiohead or Ani Difranco when they are in town. I used to also feel that way about Tori Amos, but … don’t anymore. 

Have you ever met a professional athlete? I’m pretty sure this was my first time. 

What are the worst race conditions you’ve experienced? So far I haven’t run any really hot races, but I did run a 5K in 12 degree temps and a half marathon in an almost continuous downpour. And had one race cancelled. Other than the cancellation, the races weren’t so bad.