Last week’s challenge: Your favorite “seen on my run” photo. It can be a photo of anything (person, place, thing, graffiti, animal, cloud formation, etc), as long as it was something you saw while out on a run. 

This week’s challenge at the end.

seen on my runMagMileRunner: This graffiti is underneath some railroad tracks, on a trail that I run several times a week. Normally, they remove graffiti (usually by painting over it). So far they haven’t painted over this. I hope they don’t. It makes me smile every time I pass it.

Pain is Nothing: “Today I’m thankful … For a beautiful sky that got me outside with CB for an early am run … ” More.

Gingerfoxxx: Since I actually have a career where I draw stuff all day, I thought maybe I could use my artistic license to recreate a scene.  I have seen some pretty neat things when I run.  I saw a crawfish once.  And a skunk.  And about 30 obese raccoons. And once even a perfectly intact grilled cheese sandwich.  But I think my favorite sighting is a reoccurring one on the North Branch Trail.  There’s this guy.  I think he is some kind of bird photographer.  I see him on the trail maybe 70% of the time?  So he has to be out there multiple days a week.  He has a badass walking stick, a super nice SLR camera with a giant zoom lens, and sometimes binoculars.  He has an awesome straw hat, and a handlebar mustache. Even if I had a camera with me, it would probably be very inappropriate to take a picture of a stranger, so this very accurate drawing of him will have to suffice.

Out and About: On weekend mornings when I do my long runs, I wander my neighborhood.  At some point or other, I usually end up running past the United Center – and one of the neighboring parking lots is home to motorcycle riding classes hosted by Ride Chicago. I’ve never driven a motorcycle.  But I find it fascinating to watch the students in action going through their “obstacle” course, making hairpin turns, etc.  It looks like a lot of fun!  You can hear the “vroom vroom” of the engines from a bit of a distance, too.  There is usually quite a diversity of people participating – men and women, both young and old, of all heights and weights.  They all look hard core with their helmets, jackets, and boots.

Lauren Runs: [ … ] We’re driving down Augusta, and pass by what we both saw as an Angel.  We looked at each other, but I kept driving as I was about 3 hours behind on my stomach’s dinner plans. Tonight I headed out for my run and decided to find the angel.  Turns out that at Augusta & Wolcott, there is indeed an Angel in a cage.  It looks pretty similar to these photos that I found. But this Angel is intriguing, and it’s been interesting to find out a bit more about her background this evening.  I imagine I’ll be doing a bit more exploring in the Ukrainian Village after this to find other interesting things.

Too Tall Fritz: This is via a re-telling at the end of last Thursday’s rainy group run. Did you see that turtle laying eggs on the side of the trail? I would have taken a picture but because it’s raining I didn’t bring my phone.Editor’s note: I assume it looked like this. Thanks, Google. Photo source.

My Life’s List: Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to live in a city as amazing as Chicago. Especially as a runner, I find myself just looking up at my city in awe of how spectacular it is. I have seen so many amazing sights on my runs, and it’s quite frequently that I stop to take a photo because I don’t want to forget. (In fact, the header on my blog is actually a photo I took while running.) But most recently I took this one, while running on a new little patch of path I’d never been to before, just northwest of Navy Pier.

This week’s challenge: What do you do with your race medals?  Show us. Even if you get rid of them, show us that. 

I think I’m going to stick with a 2-week photo challenge. So post/submit photos by June 18.


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