Training, May 28 – June 3

Monday: walked 2 miles (as part of a parade)

Tuesday: 4 miles in 42 minutes, 10:31 pace. Nice and easy in the last day of 80 degree temps.

Wednesday: 4.37mi in 38 minutes, 8:44 pace. One last shortened track workout. Goal was 2×1600 @ 7:25 with 800m recovery. Splits were 7:24.9 and 7:25.5. I love speedwork! Especially when the temp is 60 degrees.

Thursday: 4 miles in 37 minutes, 9:13 pace. Last run before my goal half. Took it easy for the first 3 miles then ran the last one at goal half marathon effort.

Friday: Rest and drive to South Bend.

Saturday: 13.1 miles in 1:53:50, 8:41 pace. Sunburst Half Marathon! 29 minutes off of my PR 🙂 So. Happy.

Sunday: 3.69mi in 39 minutes, 10:39 pace. Recovery.

Total miles: 31 (29 run, 2 walk)
Total time: 5h, 30m

Thursday was cold and wet

picplz_upload picplz_upload

More race pictures



  • I have a lot of thoughts about what went right for me on Saturday. I’m going to save them for another post.
  • Thank you all for your feedback on which marathon training plan I should go with. I’m also going to save that for yet another post.
  • I’m so thankful for the running community, both online and off! Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging!!
  • Given all my poop talk yesterday and the fact that I “made” him run 13 miles, I’m surprised I’m still married. (Just kidding … we’ve been together for 8 years, if I haven’t scared him off by now … )
  • I’ve been talking up the Moving Comfort Juno bra lately, but it chaffed me yesterday. Not too bad – the bra has a little stitch in the front to give it a slight v-neck, and that’s where it rubbed me, although it wasn’t anything terrible. If I had put some Body Glide there it would have been fine. I also have the Moving Comfort Phoebe bra so I might race in that and see how it goes. Or just remember to Body Glide there, too. (I have the Moving Comfort Fiona too, and while it’s a great bra, I prefer racerback.)


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