May in Numbers

Xaarlin at Pain is Nothing always does a monthly numbers post. So I’m borrowing her idea …

Miles ran: 115


Either cold & rainy or hot & humid. Yay springtime in Chicagoland. 

Time spent working out: 24h 7m … Wow, I spent over a day working out this month. This is the most amount of time I’ve spent working out in one month (that I’ve tracked).

Resistance bands broken: 1

Races raced: 0. Sadness.

Races signed up for: 1 – Jim Gibbons 5K

Cost spent on race registration: $0 (Thank you Active Advantage membership … that I purchased for half off with a Schwaggle deal)

Races spectated: 1 – with an awesome sign!

Races volunteered at: 1 – never enough cowbell

Soldier Field 10
Volunteer Shirt

Weddings attended: 2

Parades marched in: 1

Fire hoop performances watched: 1

Cinco de Mayo party

Cameras broken: 1

Subsequently, Fashion Friday posts: 0

Funniest search terms that have led someone to my blog:

  • “i know i’m not going to win” marathon
  • abysmal training for marathon
  • dorky runner picture
  • fast women shirt (yes!!! you can get one here!)
  • free balling
  • gomi chicago runner (oh. I see.)
  • naked aid station pics (what a great idea)
  • society run by women (sounds great in theory. but read this book. I’ll loan you my copy if I can find it.)
  • woman free balling

Number of people who now report to me at work: 0.8 (he works part-time) (and I’m so worried that I’m a terrible boss)

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10 Comments on “May in Numbers”

  1. I love this! Congrats on a whole DAY of working out! Also, the $0 on race registration is pretty awesome. I always toy with getting an Active membership, but at this point, I feel like it’s too late and I should have done it BEFORE registering for 13 races this year. :-/

    1. If they ever do another Schwaggle discount on the Active Advantage membership, I highly recommend going for it. Even at full price, I think it’s a good deal if you race a lot. So far I have saved $103 with it, through two free race registrations, discounts on other races, and you automatically get a discount on any other Schwaggle deals you buy (I forget exactly how much … maybe 10-15% off or something).

  2. Sounds like a pretty eventful May. What a great group of badass runners to come out in the heat, cold, rain, and everything to get our miles done!

    I can’t wait to run the Jim Gibbons 5k! It is going to be so much fun, I can already tell. 🙂

    Also, LOVE the meme about Desi. She does kick ass, all the time. They said that during the Boston Marathon in 2011, you could hear the papers shuffling while the announcers were trying to look up info on who was this woman tearing it up out there. Go USA and Go Desi in London 2012! WOOOOOOOO!!!!

    1. I know! I mean, I love our alter-egos Kara & Shalane, but I love how Desi is just so no-nonsense, no-frills, work her ass off, get it done DETERMINATION. Not that the other elites aren’t. But this picture cracks me up because the other three look so similar (in height and outfits) and she looks like the odd-woman out, but she is the most relaxed, and the one in front.

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