Monday: 6.11 miles in 58 minutes, 9:28 pace. Just an easy run after work. Crossed paths with The Sailor πŸ™‚

Tuesday: Gym for strength/resistance, core, foam rolling etc. Broke one resistance band and snapped another in my face. Awesome.

Wednesday: 4.1 miles in 36 minutes, 8:52 pace. First group speedwork session. We warmed up, did some strides, then a 2 mile time trial and cool down. It was a little bit warm out there. I did my two miles in 15:45. Probably could have gone faster but it is what it is.

Thursday: 6 miles in 1:03, 10:34 pace. Hilly and warm.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Volunteering at Soldier Field 10. Walked a couple miles to get to/from the aid station.

Sunday: 12 miles in 2:16, 11:19 pace. The temps felt nice (but were in the 80s by the time I was done, so “nice” is a relative term these days), but it was humid. As usual, I spent the first four miles trying to pep myself up – it usually takes me until mile 4 to get into a groove and feel good. Also a bird tried to dive bomb me during my last mile, it freaked me the F out. I do not like birds (up close). Actually I don’t like any creature (birds, moths, etc) that flaps around.

Total miles: 28 running, 2 walking
Total time: 6h, 33m



  • This Saturday is my goal half marathon, the Sunburst Half. I’ve done the training. I’ve done the long runs. This week I’ll probably do my usual – an easy run or two, speedwork on Wednesday and maybe a strength session on Tuesday, rest on Friday. I’m planning to gradually work more carbs into my diet all week instead of trying to load up the day before. And I’ll focus on drinking lots of water a day or two before. But the work has been done. Now it’s just time to have fun on race day. And figure out what I’m going to wear. (I already have some outfits laid out so I have something cute/clean/matching for race day.)
  • But beyond just this Saturday, I have a lot of races in the next couple of weeks. Four in two weeks (two half marathons, a 5K and a 6K) but I might make it five in three weeks (another 5K the following week).
  • Chicago Marathon training officially starts June 9. Of course I have a half marathon that day. So my first group run with CARA will be June 16. (Group marathon training is included as part of my American Cancer Society Determination team.) It’s really happening.