Why Summer Running is Awesome

Get out there and show some leg

We spend all winter complaining about the snow, ice, cold, etc, wishing it were summer. Now it’s summer and people complain about the heat? What’s wrong with you people? You’re just never satisfied unless the temperature holds at 60 degrees & sunny, am I right?

Here are the reasons that I think summer running is awesome and you should too:

  • It is beautiful outside! Flowers are blooming! Trees are full of leaves! The sky is blue! The birds are chirping! Sunshine! Lollipops! Rainbows! Oh, sorry, got a little carried away there. The point is, get out there and enjoy the beauty around you.
  • Just like you felt like a badass for running in sub-freezing temps, you’ll feel like a badass for running in the heat. Or you will feel like a mailman (rain, snow, sleet, heat won’t keep you home).
  • You can finally put all your performance clothing to good use. I don’t know about you, but outside of races and speedwork sessions, I may as well be wearing cotton for the majority of my runs from October – April. Easy runs in temps under 60 degrees? I barely break a sweat. So why do I stock up on so much technical fabric? Finally, in the summer, I can see what these clothes are really made of. (Um, polyester.)
  • Likewise, Erin was right, ending a run dripping in sweat feels so much more satisfying than ending it with just a light perspiration on my brow. Even if I had to run 1-2 minutes per mile slower, I feel like I just got an awesome workout. Plus you’ll burn more calories. Even if you’re running slower. (At least I do, according to my Garmin, which I use with a heart rate monitor.)
  • Sometimes, you can get lucky and get caught running in a summer storm. SO REFRESHING.
  • Actually, you’ll spend most days wishing it would rain during your run.
  • But if that doesn’t happen, your neighbors might have their sprinklers on and you can run through them. (If not, turn on your own sprinkler.) It’s fun. I promise. You’re wearing technical fabrics. They will dry quickly. Too quickly.
  • If it ends up being balls hot on race day, you’ll be ready for it, zooming past all the folks who trained on treadmills in air conditioning like a bunch of pansies, or in the early morning “cool” hours, instead of acclimating to the heat. (Yes, I’m calling some of you out. Sorry. Not really.)
  • You’ll get a tan. (Wait. Scratch that. Wear sunscreen. Tans are bad. After all, I do fundraise for the American Cancer Society. PS give me them money on my behalf.)
  • You’ll feel all high and mighty and can preach to other runners about how badass you are for running in the heat, and why they should run in the heat too. (Kind of like I’m doing right now.)
  • You can’t run to the nearest ice cream shop on a treadmill. Or at 6am.
  • Likewise, ice cream trucks don’t drive through your gym. (But if they do, let me know, I’d like to join that gym.)
Did I forget anything?
Cupid's Chase 5K
Remember when it was 12 degrees out? Can you tell I'm wearing 5 shirts? Now go out there and enjoy summer. In all it's hot and humid glory.


Also, in case you haven’t guessed it, I think pretty much everything is awesome. Consider this post, and my similar winter-related one, just part of a series in “everything is great” blog posts. Sorry (actually I’m not), I see the glass half full. I refuse to take off my rose-colored glasses. (Or maybe I’m just the PR professional for my own life, always spinning everything in the best possible light.)  

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13 Comments on “Why Summer Running is Awesome”

  1. You make some very valid points, but my heart will always belong to fall running- it’s something about those leaves changing color, and the abundance of candy.

  2. This is such a good mentality to have. If you are afraid of the heat, then you allow yourself to be defeated by it. I let it get the best of me last summer and I have a completely different view of things this time around. You never know what it will be like on race day, so it is best to prepare in all conditions.

    Also, I need more light colored tank tops for this summer. I don’t like to run in the warmth with a dark color on. I feel it makes the sunburn that much worse. Time to start scouring eBay! 🙂

  3. Nice post and some valid points 🙂

    Running outside in the heat is a great workout and ONLY way to acclimatize to hotter race day temps. I still like my BFF, the tread for certain workouts, but have really been enjoying running outside lately.

  4. I don’t sweat much, I don’t cool down well and I overheat quickly. I actually prefer 40 to 50 degrees and no sun, 60 is breaching into “too” warm. 🙂

    That being said, I run all summer long. Its just not a time where I perform optimally but apprarently I’m not performing optimally anyhow so it’s all good.


    Nothing sexier than a sweaty, hot runner!! (dreaming of shirtless men….*licks lips…sigh….*) …oh sorry, got carried away.

  6. You nailed it!! I love to run all the time, but my favorite is the SUMMER!!! Nice to see someone who thinks the same!!

  7. Two words….arm coolers….. 😀

    Seriously, there’s nothing like working up a soggy dripping sweat at the track at 5:30 am. It’s coming….just wait! I love summer running (yes, fall running is awesome too….in its own way)!

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