Training, May 14-20

Goal Race: Sunburst Half Marathon, June 2. Goal A: Sub-2. Goal B: Sub-10 pace. Goal C: PR.

Monday: 1.44 mi in 30 minutes; 20:50 pace. I was still feeling a little under the weather, so I just went for a walk.

Tuesday: Rest. Honest to goodness rest.

Wednesday: 7mi in 1:02; 8:53 pace. It was my first day “back” and I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to do speedwork during the week, so I decided to attempt a tempo run (1 mi warm up, 5 miles tempo, 1 mile cool down). I had a hard time hitting my goal tempo paces, so I gave up myself a break since I’m getting over a cough/congestion thing, and just ran by effort, targeting my 10K race target heart rate.

Thursday: 5.3mi in 52 minutes, 9:41 pace. This felt harder than it should (my “easy” pace right now is around 9:25). But I think the temps got to me more than I thought they would. (It was around 70.)

Friday: Hard Core Core at the gym.

Saturday: 3.24mi in 31 minutes, 9:28 pace. I had a wedding later the in the day, but I wanted to get some easy miles in (even though it was warm by the time I got out), since I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday.

Sunday: 11 mi in 2:03, 11:08 pace. I allowed myself to sleep in this morning, knowing that it might be a little warm when I finally got out the door for my long run. It was in the upper 70s when I started (around 9:15am), mid-80s by finish. I didn’t care about my pace, I focused on keeping my heart rate low (I didn’t get above 155 bpm until the last two miles) so that all 11 miles were enjoyable, and they were. I took two GUs, around miles 3.8 and 7.5 I think. Ran with a water bottle in the back of my bra and refilled it when I could. Probably drank 30-40 oz during the whole run. Wore light colors (white tank, green shorts, white hat) and sunscreen. Even though my pace was slow, my effort was right where it should be (I finished feeling GREAT not beat), so I kind of felt like today was a Hot Long Run Win.

Total miles: 26.6mi
Total time: 5hr 42min

water bottle holder
This is an old picture, but just wanted to illustrate what I mean by "I stick my water bottle in my bra." This bra is the Juno by Moving Comfort. It's my favorite bra. I have 5 or 6 of them.


  • I think I have my post-long-run routine down: Stretch on the front porch (standing stretches), go inside, drink more water, drink chocolate (soy) milk, more stretching (on the floor), foam roll (IT band, quads, hams, calves – back and both sides), cold water soak, get out, wait 30 minutes for legs to warm up, shower, eat something. This seems to be working pretty well for me – by the time I’m doing showering, it’s been a hour and a half since I finished running, and I’m hungry, but not famished (I assume the chocolate milk and fuel during my run helps).
  • I still think running by heart rate rules. See Wednesday and Sunday if you don’t believe me.
  • In addition to sticking to my training plan for the next two weeks, my #1 goal in preparation for the Sunburst Half Marathon on June 2 is to acclimate myself to the heat. So that means running when it’s hot – not hard during the week when I run after work, but I kind of purposely like to start my long runs late (by late I mean 9am), to ensure that I’m running in temps as warm or warmer than they will be on race day. Also, I’ve been spending most of this afternoon outside (sitting on the screened-in porch with my laptop … and sangria) to force myself to get used to the heat. I WILL GET A SUB-2 HALF MARATHON.
The screened-in porch to which I am referring. The most popular room in the house from May - September.


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4 Comments on “Training, May 14-20”

  1. I think it’s really smart to do some of your runs in the heat! I purposefully did this last summer, going out at noon when it was in the high 80s for some middle distance runs. It let me know I could finish in the heat. My pace never got better though – I always run slow. Maybe it’s fear of feeling awful in the heat if I run too fast. I hope you are able to figure out the pace thing!

  2. Yes, running in the heat can definitely make you a stronger runner. That’s why fall races are the best because you train in the heat but run in the cool so you’re that much stronger. Love your water bottle idea too!

  3. I was actually just thinking about how I need to train in high heat a few times before my half marathon! I definitely believe that what you’re doing is a great idea. And the water bottle idea is brilliant! I’ll surely be trying that in the future.

    Good luck with training…you WILL get that sub-2!

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