I’m trying to break the habit of carrying a giant, over-stuffed purse everywhere. I’ve started buying wristlets, and only carrying a purse when absolutely necessary.

However, I think all the bulk I no longer carry around daily via purse has made it’s way into my running bag.

I ask you this, what do YOU carry in your running bag?



I carry a bag inside my bag (the Running Chics logo on the white background is a smaller canvas bag). It’s to hold all the smaller stuff that is laid out on the right, so stuff doesn’t get lost among my clothes and shoes.

This is what is usually standard in my running bag:

  • Nike Vapor Jacket
  • Other hoodie (at this point in time, it was a Running Chics hoodie)
  • Fuel (at this point in time, Clif Builders bar and a half, Sport Beans, Gu x3)
  • A hat AND a visor (I like the hat if it’s raining, the visor if I want to block the sun)
  • Two pairs of sunglasses (of course I only wear the pair I got for free at the Shamrock Shuffle expo)
  • A Spibelt AND a Banjee (and there’s Burt’s Bees lip balm in the Spibelt)
  • A pair of compression calf sleeves
  • Spray-on sunscreen AND lotion sunscreen
  • Two sticks of Body Glide (regular and for women)
  • Deoderant
  • Reflective slap-on anklets
  • Bondi Band
  • Fleece headband
  • Road ID
  • Extra safety pins (for race bibs)
  • A blinking light-up ring (it’s a novelty, but I figured it would be good for running at night)
  • An extra pair of [cotton] socks (packed for last weekend’s race, since it was raining)
  • Arm warmers that are actually soccer socks with the feet cut off (also packed for the race)
  • Headlamp
  • Mini first aid pouch (dark blue pouch next to the Sport Beans – they were handing those out at last weekend’s race)
  • I also usually have a handheld water bottle in there, but didn’t tonight because I used it during my run

I didn’t always carry this much stuff. It just kind of accumulated over time, and I rarely take anything out.  Plus, it’s always good to be prepared. Of course I also always pack shoes, socks, sports bra, Garmin, heart rate strap, contacts, no-slip headband and running clothes.

So, how do you compare? Anything I don’t have in my bag that you always have with you?

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