I normally don’t do Three Things Thursday, but today I have three things to post about, and it’s Thursday, so …

First Run “Back”

Yesterday was my first day back in the office after taking a few work-from-home days to get over this cough/congestion I’ve been having. It was also my first attempt at a real run since taking a couple days off. I’m still a little congested, and still coughing a bit … so why not attempt a tempo run? I wasn’t sure when else I’d be able to get speedwork in this week (although I had a slight change in plans and could have done one today). Anyway, after a few miles, I realized I just wasn’t going to hit my goal tempo pace. I kept trying to repeat Kelly’s mantra “don’t stop until you’re proud” and also remind myself that this is supposed to be work, but I also need to realize when I’m pushing too hard, regardless of what pace is on my training plan. So I decided to target a goal heart rate instead. Goal tempo pace is usually your 10K pace, so I targeted my 10K race heartrate, and told myself to be happy with the results. I was happy, because I was pretty beat afterward. (Probably because it was a 5-mile tempo, and with 1 mile each for warm-up and cool-down, I ran 7 miles.) Anyway, another reason why you should use your heartrate strap!


I  think I’ve mentioned that I have a very long commute. Well, now that it’s construction season, my commute is even longer. I’ve figured out how to beat the construction delays … leave my house by 6:15am. If I do that, my commute is the usual 65 minutes. And, I can leave the office around 3:30pm or so and be home before 5pm. You know what’s crazy though? Getting up early, while sucky, isn’t as painful as it used to be. Is that a sign of maturity? Or that waking up early to run on the weekends means less messing with my internal clock?

Ken & Andrea's Wedding

Picking my marriage over running

I was going to go to my usual Thursday night group run tonight, but then I realized The Sailor is on duty this weekend. If I went to my group run, I’ll only see him for a little bit tonight and then not again until Sunday. So, I decided for once to pick my marriage over running, and I’m going to do my run solo before he gets home from work. Hopefully it won’t be too chilly and I can participate in Kelly’s Sports Bra Challenge.


Your turn: 

Do you monitor your heart rate while running? 

Have you seen any signs in yourself lately that you’re maturing? 

Have you ever prioritized a relationship over running? How? 

Do you ever run/work-out in just a sports bra?