Three Things Thursday, 2/3 Running

I normally don’t do Three Things Thursday, but today I have three things to post about, and it’s Thursday, so …

First Run “Back”

Yesterday was my first day back in the office after taking a few work-from-home days to get over this cough/congestion I’ve been having. It was also my first attempt at a real run since taking a couple days off. I’m still a little congested, and still coughing a bit … so why not attempt a tempo run? I wasn’t sure when else I’d be able to get speedwork in this week (although I had a slight change in plans and could have done one today). Anyway, after a few miles, I realized I just wasn’t going to hit my goal tempo pace. I kept trying to repeat Kelly’s mantra “don’t stop until you’re proud” and also remind myself that this is supposed to be work, but I also need to realize when I’m pushing too hard, regardless of what pace is on my training plan. So I decided to target a goal heart rate instead. Goal tempo pace is usually your 10K pace, so I targeted my 10K race heartrate, and told myself to be happy with the results. I was happy, because I was pretty beat afterward. (Probably because it was a 5-mile tempo, and with 1 mile each for warm-up and cool-down, I ran 7 miles.) Anyway, another reason why you should use your heartrate strap!


I  think I’ve mentioned that I have a very long commute. Well, now that it’s construction season, my commute is even longer. I’ve figured out how to beat the construction delays … leave my house by 6:15am. If I do that, my commute is the usual 65 minutes. And, I can leave the office around 3:30pm or so and be home before 5pm. You know what’s crazy though? Getting up early, while sucky, isn’t as painful as it used to be. Is that a sign of maturity? Or that waking up early to run on the weekends means less messing with my internal clock?

Ken & Andrea's Wedding

Picking my marriage over running

I was going to go to my usual Thursday night group run tonight, but then I realized The Sailor is on duty this weekend. If I went to my group run, I’ll only see him for a little bit tonight and then not again until Sunday. So, I decided for once to pick my marriage over running, and I’m going to do my run solo before he gets home from work. Hopefully it won’t be too chilly and I can participate in Kelly’s Sports Bra Challenge.


Your turn: 

Do you monitor your heart rate while running? 

Have you seen any signs in yourself lately that you’re maturing? 

Have you ever prioritized a relationship over running? How? 

Do you ever run/work-out in just a sports bra? 

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15 Comments on “Three Things Thursday, 2/3 Running”

  1. I choose my family over running all the time but of course, hubby doesn’t think so. I only do one group run a week and he has to watch the toddler for approximately 45-60 minutes before I walk in the door, and I run on the weekends, usually early before the family is doing things. I don’t run on vacation if hubby is with…..I want to but he would complain.

    I sacrifice a lot for the family.

    I never workout in just a sports bra. Yikes. Can’t do it.

  2. I only ran in a sports bra once last summer. It was the first really hot day in marathon training season and it was time for a long run. I wasn’t wearing a proper dry fit shirt and I just couldn’t cool off. I took the shirt off and ran (and walked) in my sports bra on the way back. I never wore that shirt again. Running in just the sports bra didn’t feel freeing, as I was hot and miserable. I think the next time around, things will be different.

    1. I ran shirtless during a couple of the really hot days last summer. I was with Robert, and we ran in a forest preserve, so I didn’t have too much of an audience … except the way to get to the FP path was through a park … and there was a little league game going on. I had to walk in front of quite a few parents to get to the water fountains … but I didn’t care; it was HOT.

  3. I’ve only run in just a sports bra once and I wasn’t comfortable…it has actually been one of my goals to get myself comfortable with the idea but hasn’t happened so far! I definitely try to put relationships in front of running though I do still try to somehow re-work schedules to get in a scheduled workout!

  4. I get up super early too and while it’s not awful, I am really happy to get home earlier, like you are.

    Did you read Morning Runner’s blog post about balanacing marraige and running last week? I have really been trying to work on that lately. I have a post brewing in my head but it’s not coming out quite right. Typical. Ha ha.

    1. I did read that post, I think from the link on your blog. Lately Robert has been teasing me that I race too much, and I’m trying to be sensitive to that (both making him feel like I don’t prioritize running/racing over him, and also from a financial perspective). I think he’s accepted the fact that I’m addicted to running, and doesn’t give me grief for getting workouts in (just racing SO much), but I if I can adjust my schedule so that I can spend more time with him, I know he appreciates the effort 🙂

  5. I think that no relationship should take precedence over running. At the end of the day, it’s a hobby (no matter how precious of a hobby it is to us) and it can’t come before people. Good call on taking the run off your schedule.

  6. I’ve started switching to morning workouts lately so I can spend time with my fiancé at night. I’m actually kind of enjoying the 4:30am wake up calls and having some “me” time before the long work day. I think that makes me old!

    1. I actually work in a suburb and take the Tri-State, so there might be more traffic for me to deal with on Monday (unless everyone’s off, maybe there will be less traffic!), but I don’t think it will have any affect on me. I hope. I guess I’ll find out Monday. (I work from home on Fridays.)

  7. YES I was just telling someone how I no longer mind waking up early and would actually prefer it over staying up late the night before and then sleeping in. Sorry to hear about your commute! I personally commute from the suburbs into the city (when i have work there) but I take the train and it’s glorious! If you have that option I would definitely recommend it. Enjoy your weekend with your husband!

    1. Unfortunately I live in one suburb and work in another suburb on the other side of the city, so I’d have to take one Metra train downtown, walk across the Loop, and take another train out to my office. I used to work downtown (six years ago) and miss the days of being able to just read or sleep on the train during my commute.

  8. Great idea to go by heart race instead of pace after coming back from being sick!

    I’m starting to get to the point where I naturally wake up earlier on weekends but I still can’t drag myself out of bed too early unless it’s for a race (or I’m meeting people to run). I just can’t do it by myself.

    I always try to make sure I leave some time to chill with my husband but since he’s in school right now he’s pretty busy in the evenings anyway. I’m thinking that now that we live in a building with a gym in it I can convince him to go to the gym with me 🙂

    I’ve run in just my sports bra a few times. I’ve even race in just my sports bra! Last year my track coach ran in just a sports bra all the time I she encouraged all of us to do it.

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