Runner Photo Challenge: Your Favorite Race Picture

Last week’s challenge: We’ve seen your ugly race pictures. But I want to see your favorite race picture! And an explanation of why. It can be ugly or pretty, solo or with a friend or group … whatever reason, as long as it’s your favorite.

This week’s challenge at the end of the post!

MagMileRunner: My favorite race picture is from the inaugural Fort2Base race on 9/11/11. This is the only race photo I’ve ever ordered. I love this picture mostly because it’s of my husband and me, and I’m beating him. Sure, there’s a chance he let me win, but I’ll take it. There have been races we’ve done where he certainly didn’t let me win (because he beat me). I also love the composition of the shot – on the finish line, with our shadows on the ground and the Finish banner overhead. Plus the finish was at Great Lakes Naval Station, where he went through boot camp and does his drill weekends. All in all, a great photo of a great race. (Of which I am an ambassador … but that part had nothing to do with this photo, although the fact that I loved the race had everything to do with applying to be an ambassador. Either way, go register.)

Ilax Studio: My favorite race picture was easy to choose. It’s from the first year I ran the Wisconsin Half Marathon (2009) with Steven. It was my first half marathon, I was in awesome shape, and I felt great. I finished that 13.1 and thought “gimme more!” More. 

Higher Miles: The Hoover Dam Half Marathon (second photo ever purchased, I think it was $15).  This was my worst half marathon so far but I still love this photo.  Why?  I love the background combined with the fact that my sister and I are running together.  The trip to Utah and Nevada in 2010 was definitely one to remember.  My sister’s laid back approach to long-distance running is probably the only reason I started, stuck with it, ultimately fell in love.  Now, I’ve found it within myself to want to continue to push the limits and I love the mental game that comes with long distance running.  Therefore, this is my favorite. More.

Live Half Full: When I saw this week’s challenge, I immediately knew I was going to choose a picture of the Chicago Marathon 2011, which was my first marathon and most meaningful race. […] I never would have finished the race without my great friend Denise, who has been through thick and thin with me the last several years. Three years ago, we could barely run two miles let alone 26.2 and spent our days drinking by the pool, unemployed and drinking away our sorrows. Flash to four years later and we’re still close friends, but just a tad bit more successful. More.

Gingerfoxxx: Technically it’s after the race, but it was right after the Chicago Half Marathon 2011, and i had just finished my very first half marathon, and it just seemed like the most impossible thing ever at the time.  I had trained all summer, with no background in running, and involved a lot of difficult transitions to accommodate the training (hellooooo saturday 5 am).  My mom, brother, and all of my dads family, as well as Matt and my two best friends came out to cheer me on.  I know someone who was not me ended up winning the race, but i seriously doubt they had the crowd support that i did, so i consider myself the real winner of that race. More.

Eri-thon: my favorite photo is from the Club Cross Country Invitational in November 2011.  I was miserable for that entire 3 miles but thanks to my running club’s support I pulled out a finish worthy of a photo. Someone has to come last in a race.  This day it was not going to be me.  Why wouldn’t that be my favorite? More.

Pain is Nothing: My favorite race photo from during a race would be the one below from the Chicago Marathon 2011. This was obviously in Chinatown- most likely around mile 22? Even though I was struggling quite a bit during this race, I somehow managed to pull it together for this shot.  I mainly like how I look in this photo- dont mind my fanny pack! haha. I ended up with quite a large PR (about 15 minutes) in this race despite all the set backs leading up to it, as well as the challenges faced during this race. I was just thankful to run that day.  Im still thinking I should order this photo… More.

Running Kellometers: My favorite race picture has to be from my one and only marathon (so far), the Grand Rapids Marathon. I struggled quite a bit on my journey in completing my first marathon, and I think this photo represents when I first realized I was going to do it. I was going to finish. I was going to officially become a marathoner. Seeing that smile always fills me with joy and reminds me of the bumpy road to triumph in the end. It also reminds me how much fun I have when running, even after the pain and tears shed during that 26.2 mile journey. It also gives me hope that when I finish another marathon at some point in the future, there will be even more smiles at the finish line.

This week’s challenge:  
Your worst race. Not necessarily your worst race photo, but a photo or representation of your worst race to date. It can be a photo of you before, during or after the race, or if you don’t have one, something that represents the race (maybe your bib, shirt, medal). And an explanation of why it was your worst race. 

This should be fun … right? Photos submitted by the time I go to bed on Monday, May 21 will be included in the round-up post on Tuesday.

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  1. I loved hearing why people’s races were their favorite!

    I think I have an idea of my worst race. I need to look through my race recaps to pick it exactly 🙂

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