Training, May 7-13

Monday: 7.12 mi in 1:04; 8:59 pace. Speedwork. Goal was 3×1600 at 7:29 pace with 800m recoveries. Splits were 7:29, 7:30 and 7:29.

Tuesday: 3.44 mi in 32 min; 9:25 pace. Was supposed to meet some other bloggers for a post-work run near my office, but I was feeling kind of crummy. So I headed straight home after work and ran some easy miles close to home. I laced my Garmin through my shoelaces (face down) so I could just focus on running by feel.

Wednesday: Pilates/Yoga class at the gym

Thursday: 4.07 mi in 44 min; 10:53 pace. Was still feeling kind of crummy, so I skipped my usual Thursday night group run to again run easy miles close to home. Ran “blind” again (with my Garmin in my laces) so I could run by feel, but clearly I felt like running slower than usual.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9.07 mi in 1:29; 9:46 pace. After our race was canceled, we went to a local forest preserve to run anyway.

Sunday: 3.25 mi in 38 min; 11:47 pace. It was so beautiful out today and I was tired of sitting on my butt, so even though I’m still feeling crummy (at this point I think it’s a sinus infection), I wanted to get moving. I think this is the lowest my heart rate has been while running. I didn’t care how far or fast I went, I just wanted to get outside and maybe break a little sweat.

Total 27 miles; 5h 22m of working out


  • After debating how I should approach the 10 mile race, I think had the race gone on, I would have done it as an easy training run. With my congestion, even my easy pace (9:25) feels hard. But I’m glad this is happening now, and not in three weeks during my goal half. (Although if something does go wrong that week, I have a half the following weekend, as I’ve mentioned like a million times.)
  • I’m the owner of some new green running stuff, courtesy of some blog giveaways.

running chics hoodie On the left, Running Chics hoodie via Cautiously Audacious. On the right, Oiselle Lori shorts via TooTallFritz (she won them from Running Kellometers but they didn’t fit … lucky for me!)

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10 Comments on “Training, May 7-13”

  1. Hopefully you are feeling completely back to normal soon. I don’t think I commented on your original post but I loved your idea of just putting the watch on your laces. I’m not too obsessed with the watch, though sometimes I can be and this is a great way to still know how far you went, etc.!

  2. So sorry you’re feeling crummy. Running takes on a totally different (impossible) dimension when I’m under the weather. Love the Garmin trick!

  3. I love the green running gear! Kick@$$ job on the mile repeats. Mile repeats scare me. I need to give them a try. I bet it’s one of those things that once I tried them I would feel great!

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