Last Saturday was my cousin’s wedding. The happy couple actually met two years ago, at the surprise party we threw for The Sailor and my sister-in-law. One of my sis-in-law’s teacher friends was there, complaining about how she’ll never meet a nice guy, and my sis-in-law was like “uhhh … well … [my husband’s cousin] is single!” just because he was one of the few single guys at the party and she was trying to offload an awkward situation. Who knew they’d fall in love?

Also this is the second time we’ve played match maker in this family. The sister-in-law in the story above was one of my best friends from high school, and started dating my brother after we graduated from college. It was my mom’s idea to officially introduce them.

Soooo … if anyone’s interested … I still have a few unmarried cousins …

Ken & Andrea's Wedding

Ken & Andrea's Wedding

L-R: Cousin’s wife, cousin’s kid, me, sister-in-law (the one who introduced the couple), niece/flower girl, bride, The Sailor’s best friend’s fiance/my friend for 16 years, bride’s twin/maid of honor, sister-in-law, cousin

Ken & Andrea's Wedding

Airman & Mrs (thank you Navy for not making him a Seaman)

Edited to add: I feel the need to mention that I got my dress  on clearance (originally $150, got it for $22 with a gift card, and not even my own gift card, but one The Sailor used and had some money left on that he didn’t need) and my shoes (which you can’t really see, but they were dark purple) were from a clothing swap. My necklace was a gift from my sister-in-law (it belonged to her late mother). So my outfit was almost completely free. The bracelet was from Etsy (years ago) and I don’t remember where or when I got my shrug, I’ve had it for so long.  

Ken & Andrea's Wedding


Ken & Andrea's Wedding

My lovely family

Funny story … that made us late for the ceremony. We picked up my brother (yellow shirt) on the way to the ceremony (which was on the northwest side of Chicago, so about an hour drive for us). As we’re driving out of his neighborhood, we pass some traffic stopped in the opposite direction. My brother noticed there was a dog under one of the stopped cars … and the dog looked like his mother-in-law’s dog, who he knew had gone missing the night before. We turned around so he could check and see, and sure enough it was that dog. He was able to get the dog out from under the car (not without getting bit) and we drove it back to his MiL’s house. But he had to change his pants because … well in runner terms, the dog had “G.I. issues.” So, we were late to the ceremony, BUT my brother saved a dog.

Also between the ceremony and reception, we had to drive over and visit the Loyola campus, since Dad and I are both alumni. Here is my senior year apartment.

My old apartment

Looks like just about every other walk-up in Chicago, doesn’t it? We lived on the first floor. It was a 3 bedroom / 1 bathroom with a sunroom that we used as an extra bedroom. Four women sharing $1100/month. SO CHEAP. Of course, this was 8 years ago. And we didn’t have access to a washer/dryer.


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