I’m running the Quarryman 10 this Saturday. It’s a hilly 10 miler (hilly for this area), and I intentionally signed up for it because I need to do 10 miles this weekend in preparation for my June 2 half, and I like doing local races. And I think my half marathon might be slightly hillier than I’m used to, so I figured this would be good training. Regardless, hills are always good. (Right, Gingerfoxxx?)

Anyway, knowing this is supposed to be a training run, how should I run it?

Option #1: Just treat it like any other long run, and go at my easy/long run pace (around 9:25)

Option #2: Do a “dress rehearsal” for the half and run at the same effort (heart rate) that I’ll target at the half
Option #2.5: Run at the pace McMillan suggests I can do for a half (8:29)

I’m thinking I might go with #2 (run by heart rate), so that I have some idea what pace I can pull off at the half. And I have three weeks until the half, so that’s enough time to recover. Hopefully that effort will yield the pace McMillan suggests (for a half). When I ran my last (hilly) 10K by effort, the end result was pretty much spot-on for what McMillan predicted (prediction was 49:53, I ran it in 49:52). But we’ll see. Part of me wants to just be an idiot and race it, because they give out “trophies” made of quarry stone to the first three in each age group.

But you are all experts, what do you recommend?

Also, today I felt like crap, so instead of heading to a group run near my office, I headed straight home and ran a few easy miles. I wanted to run “blind” (no Garmin), but I like my stats. I tried putting the Garmin around my ankle, and it barely fit but was uncomfortable. So I laced it through my shoelaces (made sure to lock the bezel first), with the screen facing down. It worked out pretty well. AND I hit my easy pace on the nose (9:25).