Runner Photo Challenge: Your Favorite Running Thing

Last week’s challenge:

What is your favorite running “thing”? Something that you either HAVE to have for every run or race, or something you don’t always have or use, but look forward to eating/using/wearing before, during or after a run. Maybe it completely changed your running, or is something you just really like. It can be something you wear, something you eat, something you use (in reality or digitally), etc, but it has to be a thing. 

This week’s challenge is at the end of this post.

imageMag Mile Runner: I very rarely run without wearing my Garmin’s heart rate monitor. I used to just shoot for certain paces, because they seemed like good numbers. Running by effort (by monitoring my heart rate) tells me that I’m at the right pace. I know my easy runs are easy enough, and I know that I ran a race efficiently – the fastest pace possible without running out of steam. I never finish a race and then beat myself thinking I could have gone faster. Also, I can look at my running over time, and actually see my level of fitness improving. It’s awesome.

Even Kara G. likes this jacket.

Running Kellometers: At first, I wanted to name my Garmin. But I know I depend too much on technology sometimes so I wanted to think of something else I use all the time that I really enjoy. The winner: Nike Running Cyclone Jacket! Best. Purchase. Ever. I wear it all the time. It is really light so perfect for the outermost layer when it is cold and/or snowing. But also light enough to wear when it is warmer and rainy. More.

Gingerfoxxx: I seriously had no idea that most of you were free-balling it. When I was little, my grandma told me that only floozies don’t wear undergarments, and I just assumed that the rule applied to athletics as well. The worst part is, I don’t even own special “runderwear” I just wear whatever I happen to have on that day. Those tangerine colored babies? Lace. I am pretty sure i wore a thong once for a half-marathon. I never even thought about such things. But think about it – if anything were to ever happen to me when I am running, I do not want one of my identifying characteristics to be “runner found – was not wearing any underwear.” More.

Ilax Studio: My favorite running thing is visors. I have been running for a several years, but didn’t get a visor until the 2010 Chicago Marathon expo… then I wore it the next day! I love that it keeps the sun out of my eyes/off my face, my hair out of my face, and most importantly, the rain out of my eyes. I didn’t realize what an essential tool the visor is in running in the rain until Erin told me about it. It helps so much in keeping your face dry when it’s raining, so you are not constantly wiping your face off and struggling to see where you are going. It makes running in the rain so much easier! More.

Out and About: Prior to last October, I never took in any kind of fueling during long runs. I even ran two half marathons where my only mid-race fueling was a cup or two of Gatorade. As you might imagine, I didn’t feel very good during the latter portions of those runs/races, and I finished completely and utterly spent. I started using GU last October. It has changed my running career. Using GU makes my runs infinitely more enjoyable. It makes me feel so much more energized, it makes my recovery faster, and my legs feel lighter. For a long time, it was incomprehensible for me to ever run a negative split in any situation – but GU has enabled me to do it regularly. More.

Pain is Nothing: My favorite running “thing” is my Border collie, CB. The past few weeks we’ve logged well over 50 miles on the lakefront. He now has his own Daily Mile account. I love his enthusiasm – he is ALWAYS ready for a run. He trots along on the path, prances like a deer in the grass, jumps up on the higher wall portions to be closer to my height around the Shedd Aquarium, and !SQUIRREL! sprints to chase squirrels or pigeons. Running with him the last few weeks has given me so much happiness that I’m constantly thinking about our next run together – I’m sure he is thinking the same. More.

LosingLindyLosing Lindy: I run for V. I haven’t gotten it in my head yet that I am worth it. I WANT to be that person, but I have a ways to go. So currently … he is my drive. 🙂

Eri-thonEri-thon: This hat and I are now pretty inseparable. It needs to be washed something fierce but I just can’t bring myself to wash it. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it my lucky hat, but I have run quite a few PRs in it. It keeps the sweat out of my face, protects my scalp while keeping me cool, keeps my frizzy hair hidden and looks pretty cute to boot. More.

This week’s challenge: We’ve seen your ugly race pictures. But I want to see your favorite race picture! And an explanation of why. It can be ugly or pretty, solo or with a friend or group … whatever reason, as long as it’s your favorite.

Leave a comment with a link (or email it to by the end of the day on Monday, May 14 and I’ll include it in the round-up post on Tuesday, May 15.

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