Pre-run, before eating bugs.

Look at that, temps barely cracked 80 and I’m going to pretend like it’s summer and tell you how to run in the heat. Although I do know what I’m talking about, I did run all last summer. And in the heat of the day too, I didn’t wimp out and run before work (I was far too lazy to do that more than once a month). No, I ran at 6pm when the temps were hot and no one had their sprinklers on.

But last year? I don’t remember bugs being such an issue until the very end of summer.

It’s May 2, and I was eating so many bugs tonight. I know I can handle the heat, I don’t know if I can handle the bugs.

But here is tip #1 for surviving summer running: Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Tip #2: Wear as little clothing as possible. (My goal this summer? To feel confident running in a sports bra + shorts. I have a ways to go. I mean, I’ll still wear that on the hottest days, I’ll just feel really self-conscious about it.)

Tip #3: Run through sprinklers. Don’t stop and question whether or not you should run through someone’s lawn. It’s hot. If their sprinklers are on, consider it an invitation. 

Tip #3.5: Public fountains (the decorative kind) can also be used. If you can’t get in the fountain (please don’t get arrested), you can try to deflect the spray toward you. Just stick your hand in the stream of water. Trust me.

Tip #4: Plan your runs to go past the only-open-during-warm-months outdoor ice cream place. (We are following this plan tomorrow night, I’ll let you know how it goes.) (I’m also hoping they have chili dogs.)

Tip #5: When you’re too lazy to bring your own water (I prefer to carry mine in the back of my sports bra), plan your route based on the location of water fountains. This was the only way I got through last summer. Bless you, village of Downers Grove, and your many water fountains. This summer? I’m not sure sure where they are. (And I grew up in this town!)

Tip#6: Much like surviving winter running, find a buddy or group. You are much more likely to show up for a run when you know someone will call you out for bailing.

Tip #7: Make a point to go for a run on the most humid days possible. It’s the closest you’re going to get to a tropical vacation anytime soon. (Just me?)

Tip #8: As “appealing” as the treadmill might be, suck it up and run in the heat anyway because you can’t control the weather on race day (Hi, Boston Marathoners), so you may as well train for the worst and hope for the best.

Does this post seem familiar? Yes? Maybe because I wrote a similar one last year? (But some of these are new so it doesn’t count.)

What other tips to you have?