Training Report, April 23-29

Monday: 6 miles in 58 minutes, 9:30 pace. After feeling a little bit of knee pain on Saturday, I wanted to just run without pain. So I wore my newest shoes, and started off slow. I wanted to do at least 5 miles, because that’s when I felt the pain on Saturday. I didn’t feel any pain, and still ended up getting close to my goal easy pace.

Tuesday: 9.32 miles in 1:32, 9:30 pace. Met fellow Chicago Running Bloggers Kim, Amy and Kim’s friend Carrie after work for a run. Wasn’t sure how many miles we would do and at what pace, and also wasn’t sure if I’d have a chance to get speedwork in any other time of the week, so I started off solo with a 1 mile warm-up, and 2 x 1 mile in 7:30 and 7:37, with a short recovery in between. Then I ran with the gals and we just kept going …

Wednesday: Strength work at the gym for 1 hour. Wanted to go to Pilates, but didn’t get to the gym in time. So I just wandered around and did a bunch of stuff – resistance bands, planks, weight machines, etc followed by foam rolling and stretching.

Thursday: 5 miles in 43 minutes, 8:36 pace. Meet up with the FNRC for our usual Thursday night group run, and did a tempo run with Kelly. Our goal was to do the tempo miles just under 8, and they were 7:55, 7:53, 7:52. We were able to sort of keep a conversation going, but by the end it was mostly gasps of “are we done yet?”

Friday: Rest (er, pack and drive to Indy)

Saturday: 4.39 miles in 46:51, 10:41 pace. Ran around our hotel in Indy. Didn’t stop my watch when I stopped to take pictures.

Sunday: Rest. Thought about going for a run. Didn’t happen.

Total miles: 24.8

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  • I feel like I hit my goals for the week. My easy miles were around my goal easy pace. I was able to work in some speedwork (and a half). My miles are right where they should be, but honestly I want to start regularly hitting closer to 30 miles per week.
  • Friday and Sundays are almost always rest days, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. That’s a great opportunity to at least work in some strength. Even simple stuff. I downloaded an app that has 10-20 minute strength routines, including stuff I can do at home with no equipment. I should be able to work in 2-3 of those routines on at least one of those days.


Chicago Running Bloggers
Tuesday - Chicago Running Bloggers! Plus one.
Thursday's Group
Thursday night's run included a little "photoshoot" for Photoshop purposes. Do you think Kelly and I are starting to take the "we're just like Shalane and Kara!!!" thing a little too seriously? No? We didn't think so either.


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5 Comments on “Training Report, April 23-29”

  1. NO SUCH THING as too seriously! Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to meet Kara and/or Shalane? I think they would find it flattering we compare ourselves to them, not creepy. Until we showed them this photo. Then they might think it was creepy….

  2. I am curious about the app you downloaded! That sounds like a really good idea! 🙂

    I am happy the shoes helped with your knee. Do you feel like it’s all better now?

    1. The app is called Workout Trainer. I have yet to actually use it though. Although I keep looking through the workouts. I just wish they had one labeled “Good Strength Exercises for Runners” haha. It’s more just stuff like “Awesome Arms” etc.

      The random weird knee pain never came back so it was just a fluke I guess!

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