This weekend, The Sailor and I headed down to Indianapolis with another couple (The Sailor’s best friend and his fiance / my friend since 1996, Paula, the wearer of the holster, and yes, they met through us) to see Revered Peyton’s Big Damn Band in Bloomington (IN) on Saturday night.

We drove down Friday night.

picplz_upload picplz_upload

I did make it through the Runners’ World Trail Special Issue, and the issue of Chicago Athlete. The rest of the reading I did was on my phone (Facebook and Google Reader, mostly, but I also discovered Get Off My Internets which is … interesting). On the right is Paula trying to get comfy.

picplz_upload picplz_upload

BFF Ultra Vera went to Indiana University (which is in Bloomington), and BFF Scott and I made the drive down I-65 and Rt 37 many times to visit her. The “Whitestown Brownsburg” exit sign always made us chuckle. But the wind farm is new.

running running

I went out for a run on Saturday afternoon. The concierge had little maps with suggested running routes, which was nice, since I know nothing about Indianapolis, and the only trail I could find through stalking the blogs of Indy runners was the Monon Trail, which was not within running distance of my hotel. Anyway, I mostly followed the RW route. I took a little detour to spend more time running along the river. Also, the Westin Indianapolis was nice, right by the Capitol building and Lucas Oil Stadium. We booked through Priceline.

Indianapolis Indianapolis

Indianapolis Indianapolis

The main event for the weekend was the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band show at the Bluebird in Bloomington. As I mentioned above, I’ve been to Bloomington a few times (to visit BFF Ultra Vera), although it has been a few years (we both graduated in 2004). But I knew Bloomington had some good restaurants, so I suggested we get there early for dinner. We ended up at Anyetsang’s Little Tibet where we had some delicious, but spicy, food.

If you’ve never seen Rev Peyton live (or even heard of them), they are awesome. Tons of energy from start to finish. I won’t try to describe their music, just listen/watch for yourself.

Do you ever travel to see bands you enjoy? Since I live near Chicago, I don’t often have to travel very far to see just about any band I like who is touring, but it is a fun excuse for a mini-vacation. 

Also, when you’re in a new place, do you like to go out for a run and “explore”? Or do you stick to the hotel gym? Or do you prefer to relax and not run?