Fashion Friday: Skinny … Pants

I was too busy moving my blog to WordPress/self-hosting last Friday to do a Fashion Friday post. So this one might be a little long.

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Anyway, onto my outfits:

Saturday, April 14: I posted pictures from my cousin’s fiance’s bachelorette party, but I didn’t talk about my outfit(s).

Trying to pick an outfit for this party was hard. I’ve lost weight, so a lot of clothes don’t fit anymore. (Boo hoo, right?)  I still wanted to look cute though, and I didn’t want my clothes to look totally dated. Since we’re focused on paying off debt right now, I don’t go shopping for brand new clothes very often (sad, but more time for running). So a lot of what I have that fits right now is either really old, or from clothing swaps or Goodwill, so not the latest trends. I ended up wearing this old H&M dress with a wrap neckline and kind of a twirly skirt, a woven (fake) leather belt from a clothing swap and the leopard print flats that I’ve been wearing ALL the time lately.

Andrea's Bachelorette Party

I also feel the need to include the pajama picture again, because everyone accused me of NOT wearing pajamas. This is what I actually sleep in sometimes, I swear! I got the “chemise” from a clothing swap, so I don’t know if it actually came from the pajama section of the store, but it looked like jammies to me. I’m wearing it with a gray tank and black leggings underneath, and tan flats from Target. You can’t really see my wristlet, but it’s also from Target. I feel the need to point out stuff I’m wearing that is actually NEW.


My friend Paula was rocking a “holster” – basically a belt with a wallet attached. Thoughts? Yes? No? I don’t have any better pictures of her wearing it.

Tuesday, April 17: Back at work in a see-through top

wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix


Thursday, April 19: More of the same. Sometimes I just can’t think of anything new, so I repeat the same idea. Literally from the waist down.

wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix


wardrobe remix

My mom got Pandora bracelets for my sisters-in-law and me awhile back. I bought a bunch of beads on Etsy (for MUCH cheaper than the “official” beads) to fill it out. Also I’m wearing the same shoes as above.



Sorry, had to squeeze in a picture of my niece. She’s just too cute.


Tuesday, April 24: New pants!

Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix

I forgot to get a close-up of my shoes, but they have a little wedge heel.

My co-worker and I had a discussion about the color of these pants. I think they’re red, he thinks they are pink. I checked the H&M website … they say pink. I’m still not buying it (wait … I guess I am). I would accept corral. Maybe red/orange. Either way they were $13 and I love them and wish they came in more colors.


Wednesday, April 25: Long skirt

wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix

wardrobe remix

For some reason, I was in the mood to wear a long skirt to the office. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a long skirt to work, so not sure why I suddenly felt so determined to do so. I was going to wear a different skirt, but it doesn’t fit anymore. Anyway, this was super comfortable. Not just the long skirt, but pretty sure my top (a sort-of wrap top) was actually meant for yoga class. (I got it through a clothing swap.) Also, I realized that if I turn on my flash, these shoes don’t blend into the carpet (as much). How many times have I photographed them? A lot. I wear them all the time.


Thursday, April 26: More skinny pants

wardrobe remix

Those same leopard print shoes.

wardrobe remix

These pants are also new. (The rest of the outfit is old / swapped.) I want to see if I can find these pants at a local H&M in my size in green.


Also, I finally bought new shoes! Trying Brooks Adrenalines again. (I was rotating two newer pairs of Mizuno Wave Nirvanas with an old pair of Brooks Adrenalines.) They’ve been good to me in the past. My husband also wears Brooks, like a million sizes larger.



And just for funsies … I came home tonight from a run & dinner with some running ladies, and find that my cat has made new friends.


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13 Comments on “Fashion Friday: Skinny … Pants”

  1. Ok, i am on your side, i would totally sleep in a chemise like that if i had one. Also, you just reminded me i need to spend more time shopping at H&M, i miss that place and their amazing prices.

    1. I know! $13 for a pair of pants!! I know it’s not the best quality, but I don’t care, and I’ve never had any of their stuff fall apart on me or anything.

  2. Love love love those red/corral pants. It is too hard to tell the color from a photo. I’d have to see them in person to truly judge properly. I despise the H&M in Orland. I feel like everything is always picked over and they never have anything cute in my size. I miss the days of living in the city with more than 1 H&M at my disposal. FWP.

  3. Those coral pants look amazing on you. Wear them all the time. LOL.

    I like that your PJs actually looked classy 🙂

    And the holster is so dorky! Therefore, I like it!

    Your niece is adorable!

    Love that first necklace (in the pic from work)!

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