Unplanned 9-miler

I didn’t mean to run nine miles tonight. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to run tonight at all. One of my college friends was trying to fly out for a few days (she’s a flight attendant; her mom lives in the area) and I wasn’t sure if we’d get a chance to go out to dinner tonight. BUT, I knew Kim and Amy (and Kim’s friend) were meeting up for a run near my office, so I brought my running clothes to work just in case. Turns out, my friend couldn’t get on a flight. Running date it is.

I wanted to get in some speedwork this week, but I wasn’t sure when it would happen. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I was thinking I would do my long run on Thursday, so I don’t have the pressure of trying to squeeze in a long run while I’m hanging out with two non-runners and one occasional runner (who won’t run on vacation). And I want to go to Pilates tomorrow.

So that left tonight (or while I’m out of town) for some speedwork. So I tried to book it out of work so I could get to the forest preserve early. I had just enough time to do about 3 miles … but how to do them? I wasn’t even sure when I started warming up. I could do a short tempo, or do some intervals. I decided to do intervals. Mile one was right on target – 7:30 pace. Mile two a little slower – 7:37. (I probably should have recovered between intervals for a little longer.) And by then I was at our meeting place.

And we weren’t sure how many miles we were going to do. So we started running. Eventually, before we turned around, I realized how many miles I had done and how many miles it was back to my car, and realized I was doing my long run tonight. I could have turned back sooner of course, but why, when you have such nice company? So I kept going. By the time I got back to my car, I had done 9.3 miles. Well then. Not bad for a Tuesday.

And as long as we were back at my car, time for a trunk photo shoot.

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Sidenote: Freebie sunglasses like the ones I’m wearing in this picture (and most of my recent running pictures … thank you handouts at the Shamrock Shuffle expo) fit perfectly over my eyeglasses. Even better than the ugly sunglasses I keep in my car for that very purpose. This makes me so happy. I hate wearing those ugly sunglasses.

Another sidenote: I bought new pants this weekend! I’m so excited for my next Fashion Friday post. Finally it will include something that was bought firsthand within the past six months!

And … don’t forget about this week’s runner photo challenge!

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10 Comments on “Unplanned 9-miler”

  1. This looks like it was a fun time!

    Congrats on some early tempo miles too AND meeting your goal pace! I love when I’m able to get my long run out of the way in a more convenient way than usual!

    I love that I <3 Sweat shirt. I think I need one! 🙂

  2. I am so happy I got to run with you yesterday! And that you got a good long/tempo run in for you! It feels so good to get goal runs (tempo/long/speed) done early in the week. At least for me – I feel less stress that way! I was doing my speedwork on Mondays all winter… oops, I need to get back on that!

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